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Nintendo Cab Mk 2


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I'm building my first cabinet; I was pretty inspired by the Nintendo cabinet from earlier this year below so I thought I'd try my hand ...


I changed a few things, namely:

* Re-built it so everything's front-access (combination of velcro for the top speaker panel and concealed hinges for the lower door)

* Added speaker holes in the top panel so they're not behind the perspex

* Built a pull-out drawer with a hinged door for a keyboard / mouse

Going well so far, Hyperspin's all set up. I think I've got about 3-4 weeks left including painting (weekend work only). Most of the edges are pretty good although I still need to do some final sanding. I'll be drilling the control panel tonight, if anyone wants the PSD for the CPO I'll post the link once it's on Dropbox. I fixed a few things in his graphic art and turned it into an 8 button layout with a spinner and left / right mouse buttons. It's about 168mb so it's taking a while to upload.

Happy for any feedback before I commit! The cabinet will double as a Steambox / Hyperspin unit with Big Picture as the primary front-end and Hyperspin as a custom game (with art) added to Steam.


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32" - I looked at going bigger but it was getting seriously unwieldy!

If anyone wants it, here's some images of the CPO I'll be using:

* Small JPG for viewing: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q1e53qvw209zmme/Full%20CPO%20Small.jpg

* Full PSD file with layers and drill points: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s9mn9bvnsis8ydy/Full%20CPO.psd

I used the last guy's CPO as a starting point but made the following modifications:

* Colour matched against the original NES controller

* Centred the boxes down the middle

* Re-aligned the joystick / button overlays and the trackball to fit with the adjusted background layer

* Re-configured buttons to Japanese fighting style layout

* Changed from a 6 button to an 8 button layout

* Added a hole for a spinner up the top along with holes for left / right mouse buttons

* Added an extra control button in the top left

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