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USB gamepad VS siemens contactor 24VDC


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Iso hlp with wierd thing... Since Im gathering $ for all missing parts for my cab (ledwiz,ipac,buttons,fans itp and extra $ for shipping from ebay to Poland Q_Q) Im using gamepad for VP.

Ive added another switch for my buttons to remove lag with contactors. When I plug adaptor my gamepad starts glitching. X/Y axis turns off, windows recognize pad over and over again. Everything is ok when I unplug gamepad or contactor adaptor. Ive two different circuits. One is for microswitch and one for contactor. I just glued two parts from broken microswitches to get extra one.

Any ideas whats going on?

p.s. gamepad isnt connected to contactors. (i figured that it must be separated after I burned one:p)

Since Im electronic noob here is my current schematic


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From what I can see on your pic petercobra, you are trying to have two separate switches off a single button - one to control the contactor and one to send a signal to the gamepad?

As long as both switches are separated electrically, it should work fine.

Can you post a photo of what you have created? Might make it easier to fault find.

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