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My Finished Basic Traing Conversion Cab


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I started out with the idea to build a mame cab as cheap as possible and little to no wood work as I don't have access to and woodworking tools I think I nailed it I only have about $650 in it total! its not the flashyest cab out their but I think it looks good considering I only had about 3 weeks in the build.

I used a old Atari cabinet I got from a guy off craigslist I striped it down painted it added new T moulding and went with the X-Arcade tankstick and pretty much bolted it on added the slideout keyboard with wireless Logitech with mousepad , tossed in a pc and added a led pushbutton in front to turn pc on and off , got the artwork from a guy off ebay (artwork looks great but not made with quality material wont be getting anymore art from ebay). added a simple mount for a 22 lcd with vesa swivel mount and the speakers are 2.1 creative with sub inside and volume control mounted to the back of tankstick.

Give honest opinions you wont hurt my feelings this is my fist cab and I wasn't going for perfection.





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