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  1. http://www.arcadeworlduk.com/categories/Arcade-Parts/T-Molding/ good place tons olding fast shipping.
  2. Great ones here...enjoy http://www.jakobud.com/ My popeye build the blueprints I used were from there and it turned out nice http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?27667-Finally-starting-my-Popeye-machine&highlight=popeye+finished
  3. cheers, I shall be done my cocktail cab this week. Then punchout be the best....shipping from USA to Canada would cost a ton, but ya I made popeye so I bet it can't be too hard if I take my time. again ty
  4. looks kool I like it, I love the feeling of having your own arcade at home
  5. I liked it was a good read, nice work
  6. cheers and thanks, right now just started a cocktail build until I can figure this one out. I could always buy yours if you deliver to Canada
  7. ya takes not much at all to run the super old 2d games. ty again
  8. Thanks for the tips and since I already have a full hyperspin Nintendo cab, I think for cocktail I'll go with the AMD APU as has both cpu and the onboard gpu out ranks intels. I can get a A6-5400k for like $60 so should be good...I'll post pics when I do it all. cheers
  9. Ok I have some parts and getting ready to make a cocktail cab since I never have done one yet. Question is I well be using the awesome vertical hyperspin setup jeepguy made and only that's so nothing but old mame games. Do I 1. Use a cheap pentium haswell and intergraded graphics (not sure if there is still issues with videos in hyperspin with this option tho or 2. Go with a AMD APU on a budget here so say a A6-5600k so this would be abit more in cost but has cpu/gpu on the chip which is best for a good cocktail only build ? BTW I never never built AMD pc, always intel many of them but I am sure its the same thing right ? Cheers
  10. I need decent blue prints tho with all the measurements and such like the jakobud type....... Good thing in mean time I'm starting a cocktail table as punchout may take till summer lol. I'll also start a thread on cocktail once I start getting at it and doing repairs and art/pc cheers all and ty all
  11. Ya in one my cabs the pc is i3 ivy bridge and 4Gb ram and GTX 650 cab goes from Atari 2600 upto like ps1/gamecube no issues.
  12. Ya go for it that be awesome, I did it with no real tools even lol and it was pretty simple and I still play it daily.
  13. Thanks I saw your looks awesome, and ya I after reading I was thinking same use the real pcb board for it to play perfect. Cheers
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