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My first MAME cabinet!


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Hey guys! Just wanted to share my MAME cabinet building experience. I've been wanting to build this thing for the last 15 years. Took me almost two years to finish it, but I finally did it!

Here's a pic of the finished project:


And I made a public Facebook album of the entire construction process:



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It never ends! I do have to ask what size TV did you use? I'm sorry if you mentioned it in your facebook pics.. I may have missed it.

I have a Midway styled cab just like that (War Final Assault) that's been gutted... Just haven't got around to playing with it yet (other projects going on first). Instead of tracking down a CRT (and paying even more to possibly have it repaired) I may go down the route you did with the LCD.

I agree the trackball on that style cab would be really hard to use (golden tee / bowling styled games) as there's not much room before you smash your fingers. Unless you use the thumb technique... Very nice job, it looks great!

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Thanks guys!

@RenegadeFred, I believe it's a 25" widescreen LCD. I read on another MAME forum of a guy who got the same style cabinet (Midway "Mortal Kombat" style cabinet), and he mentioned that particular model of LCD TV by LG fit the cabinet perfectly. So I got the exact same one from Best Buy. Unfortunately, LG has discontinued that particular model. LG came out with a newer model meant to replace it, but I have no idea if it would fit the cabinet as well.

To make the display look more CRT-like, I went and got the SLG3000 scanline generator. It works beautifully. I highly recommend it if you got the LCD route. Although, I believe MAME has a built-in scanline generation feature.

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Thanks for the info. Keep us updated once you figure out how to mount a steering wheel to that thing!

I was considering the possibility of building secondary control panels and hang them off the front of the main control panel using those so-called "z-clips" used to mount cabinets to walls:


I'd spray paint the piece of the z-clip that goes on the main control panel black so that it'll blend in more when a secondary control panel is not attached. I might try prototyping this idea this weekend.

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