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  1. Yes, but take a look at the results! Not a better and more versatile front end out there. Thanks, Ron
  2. Yes, you need to be a Platinum member here and have a paid membership at EMUMovies for HyperSync to download both art and videos. Thanks, Ron
  3. The program is available for anyone. But yes, it will only connect to the servers with Platinum membership. Thanks, Ron
  4. hey ron, the only folder I have copied from winuaeloader is the 'WHD' directory (and I have updated the S & C folders accordingly). I have attached pics of my winuae folders - do these look correct?




  5. Ok, Please post your MAME.ini from ...\HyperSpin\Settings\MAME\Mame.ini And your ...\HyperSpin\log.ini Thanks, Ron
  6. My bad for sure. I meant ...\HyperSpin\Settings\MAME.ini But the pictures will do. And maybe reading (each word carefully) your first post. What happens when you scroll to MAME in the main menu and hit the Start key (Default is Enter, Mine is 1)? Thanks, Ron
  7. Haku99, How is your HyperHQ setup on the MAME wheel? Check that your Rom Path: is correct and in Extensions: you have zip Also check the Navigation/Themes tab and make sure Themes Only and Wheels Only are not checked. If this doesn't help, please post your ...\HyperSpin\Databases\MAME.ini Thanks, Ron
  8. Matt, Looks like it just expired two days ago. Maybe he will renew it? Dunno. The most current I have is v4.3.16 and would be glad to send it to you. PM me and i'll send a link. If anyone has v4.3.25, Please let me know. Thanks, Ron
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