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  1. rfancella


  2. Very cool Gig!! Love to see the final output!! Thanks, Ron
  3. Hi, To use the code tags when replying to a message, click the little icon right above where you are typing that has the <> signs. It will open up a new window. Just paste in there and hit OK. Thanks, Ron
  4. Hi, So, it does show an error: "Could not open file : M:/Hyperspin/Emulators/Daphne/framefile/./mpeg/cliff/ch.m2v" Either the framefile is the wrong one for that set of A/V files, you are missing some A/V files or your paths are wrong. Here is mine for an example: Framefile: ..\vldp_dl\Cliff_Hanger\ 11 ch.m2v 6 ch.m2v Log: --DAPHNE version 1.0.12 --Command line is: G:\Emulators\Daphne\daphne.exe cliff vldp -blank_searches -prefer_samples -noissues -fastboot -opengl -x 894 -y 672 -min_seek_delay 1000 -seek_frames_per_ms 20 -homedir . -bank 1 01000000 -bank 3 01111011 -sound_buffer 2048 -framefile G:\Roms\Daphne\framefile\cliff.txt --CPU : GenuineIntel 3000 MHz || Mem : 4096 megs --OS : Windows NT/2000 || Video : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280 --OpenGL: Compiled In --RGB2YUV Function: MMX --Line Blending Function: MMX --Audio Mixing Function: MMX Setting alternate home dir: . Setting screen width to 894 Setting screen height to 672 Setting sound buffer size to 2048 WARNING : You have specified an abnormal screen resolution! Normal screen resolutions are: 640 x 480 800 x 600 1024 x 768 1280 x 960 1280 x 1024 1600 x 1200 Set 894x672 at 32 bpp with flags: 2 Initializing sound system ... No joysticks detected Remapping input ... Loading compressed ROM image cliff_u1.bin...8192 bytes read. Loading compressed ROM image cliff_u2.bin...8192 bytes read. Loading compressed ROM image cliff_u3.bin...8192 bytes read. Loading compressed ROM image cliff_u4.bin...8192 bytes read. Loading compressed ROM image cliff_u5.bin...8192 bytes read. Framefile parse succeeded. Video/Audio directory is: G:/Roms/Daphne/framefile/../vldp_dl/Cliff_Hanger/ OpenGL v2.0 is supported. Loaded 2048 bytes from ./ram/cliff.gz Booting ROM ... Play Pause Search to 6 received Play Saved 2048 bytes to cliff.gz Freeing memory used to store audio stream... Shutting down sound system... Shutting down video display... Directory: Directory of G:\Roms\Daphne\vldp_dl\Cliff_Hanger 10/08/2016 07:20 PM <DIR> . 10/08/2016 07:20 PM <DIR> .. 08/25/2013 07:51 PM 203,316 ch.dat 11/08/2001 11:21 AM 1,632,577,053 ch.m2v 11/09/2001 11:26 AM 12,788,179 ch.ogg 3 File(s) 1,645,568,548 bytes 2 Dir(s) 5,854,388,224 bytes free If this doesn't help, please PM me. Thanks, Ron
  5. You could also look at the guide here: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/2161-complete-guide-for-daphne-in-hyperspin-and-RL/?hl=daphne It's a little old, but should mostly apply. Thanks, Ron
  6. Hi, I am going to assume you are just using Daphne Loader just to test the game and not as the emulator in HL? Launch Cliff in Daphne Loader and post your Daphne_log.txt here. Could you please set your logging level to Troubleshooting, launch the game and post your HyperLaunch log? Thanks, Ron
  7. Giga, (peeks in from behind the curtain) I have a Chuck E. Cheese token for you as well. Just need to send it to you!! Thanks, Ron
  8. Aorin, Because it does not go on your desktop. The instructions plainly say to put it just outside your roms folder. Thanks, Ron
  9. Hi all, The script does not extract any quicker than selecting all the files and clicking on Extract Here... It runs through each file, extracts it (no matter how it's compressed) and re-compresses it with RAR5. It's a "start the script, walk away and come back later, it's done". For those interested, here is the thread: http://www.rlauncher.com/forum/showthread.php?1873-Batch-Command-Line-RAR5-Compressing&p=16372&viewfull=1#post16372 Thanks, Ron
  10. I have a script that will unzip them, and re-compress them using RAR5. Thanks, Ron
  11. rfancella

    Mame Bezels

    Hi, I don't think there is a "pack" for IC's out there. Many of the MAME bezels have built in IC's. That may be the easiest way to start. Thanks, Ron
  12. Yes. The three formats are like this. cue file points to bin, img, mp3 or wav files. The ideal setup is a single cue and single bin. If the bin file does not have a cue as well, there will be no audio. So I mount the cue and rip it to a single bin with a cue file. Most ideal in my optinion. mdf files should have an mds file. This is equivalent to a cue file for the other format. You mount the mdf file. The last format is ccd. It should also have an img and possibly a sub file also. You mount the ccd files. It is equivalent to the cue file as well. I have one more set to finish up, it's huge. My PS1 set is a mix of all three formst. Many of the cue/bin images have multiple bin files each. So my OCD is taking over again and I will get that set fixed up before the end of year. Thanks, Ron
  13. Hi, The way I do it is labor intensive. I am OCD about this as well, so I have converted most of my CD/DVD based roms to cue/bin. The way I do it is to use a virtual drive software (like Daemon Tools) and mount the image. Then use FreeAnyBurn to rip them to cue/bin. It will create a single bin file with all the audio included. Thanks, Ron
  14. rfancella

    Acorn BBC XML

    Hi Steven, You have to rename all your roms to remove the "[" and "]". I used a file renaming utility and did a replace: Replace [ with ( and ] with ) Thanks, Ron
  15. Did you have this issue before you started using the new HS? I have always had this happen the first time HS starts. After the first launch, it loads right away. Regardless of the version. Thanks, Ron
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