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Multi-system wheels


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Would be awesome to implement the <exe> tag from the desktop version of hyperspin so we can have multi system wheels.



For those that don't know it works like this:

<game name="sfiii3">
<description>Street Fighter III 3rd Strike: Fight for the Future (USA, 990608)</description>
<exe>Final Burn</exe>

in your xml you add the tag <exe>...</exe> and it will point your rom to the settings file for the named system.  This is great for mixing and matching systems on one wheel, so you can have a fighting game wheel that includes mame, snes, gen, etc.


This works great on PC and im hoping this makes it way to android.

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I have been trying to do this on android and just recently found a tool that added these tags. But when I tried setting it up on my Shield it will not work. Maybe I am doing it wrong? I created an ini file named "Final Burn Alpha.ini" in the settings_android folder and Put the <exe>Final Burn Alpha</exe> into the few games in my build that need that emulator core. Is this added to the windows version, would be amazing to get it over on android! :D

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