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  1. If you use the app gamekeyboard+ it allows you to remap hardware controls without root. I use this in Ducktales remastered to swap jump buttons and it works great. You can save profiles for different games and load them as needed.
  2. mame4droid uses the 0.139u1 romset, I think retroarch has 3 versions of mame: (mame-2003 0.78) (mame-2010 0.139u1) and the current version available through git
  3. thanks try again, should work now
  4. Here's the video The basics of the theme work. The scrolling swf description of the systems and the animated swf backgrounds load fine. I just had to fix some alignment issues on those. Obviously it doesnt work with the horizantal wheel but vertical looks nice enough. It probably could look even better if the wheels I used matched his theme, but i kinda like the system logos as is. As for the default game theme the as3 dark13 used to pull game info didn't work so I took his psd and made a quick and dirty mock up of a default game theme. My theme is all over the place you'll see in the video most of it is the aeon theme but I kept some old HS themes that I liked. On a friends shield I set him up with the complete set of themes I bothered to fixed so it looks nice and unified on his. And I also made a Shield tv theme and video which you'll see in the stream. No scrolling text tho because I don't own flash.
  5. I making a video now, I did a handful of the systems and I use one generic game theme. Looks nice tho.
  6. That's the one, but it doesn't work horizontally. HS for android doesn't support that yet. I can probably upload the systems I did, but there weren't that many. I'm gonna ask the author permission first. I opened one of the themes in hypertheme then saved it out. It loaded fine but the overlay for the video and scrolling text for the system info was wrong. So I went back and modified it till it worked. Once I had one working perfectly I just copied the theme.xml from the fixed zip to all the rest and they just worked. Then I had to go in and render out all the system videos to mp4 because the flv's wouldn't load. This is the theme I modified in case there's any confusion: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/5401-aeon-nox13-wip
  7. It's wierd, I'm using a version of the aeon13 theme that i modified a bit to work on andorid and that works fine. All those themes have swfs in them.
  8. I updated and everything is still working
  9. That would only be the case if you choose "Deafult Mame Path" when prompted on the very 1st launch of mame4droid. Instead you can choose your own mame path by saying no, or after the fact by going into the settings. I have my setup running from the "Hyperspin/emulators/MAME/roms" and everything works as it should.
  10. heard from him it only applies to zipped roms, will be fixed this week.
  11. I spoke with the dev. Turns out he forgot to add archive extension loading in the intent. So loading .nes or .c64 works, but.zip doesn't. He's pushing a fix out this week.
  12. The desktop version of hyperspin features favorites list using a plain text file listing the roms of your choice. It also has the ability to make and edit your favorites within the frontend, but honestly just the ability to manually create the text file on pc and drop it into the database folder on hyperspin for android would be more than enough to add this useful feature to the frontend.
  13. Would be awesome to implement the <exe> tag from the desktop version of hyperspin so we can have multi system wheels. For those that don't know it works like this: <game name="sfiii3"> <description>Street Fighter III 3rd Strike: Fight for the Future (USA, 990608)</description> <cloneof></cloneof> <manufacturer>Capcom</manufacturer> <year>1999</year> <genre></genre> <exe>Final Burn</exe> </game> in your xml you add the tag <exe>...</exe> and it will point your rom to the settings file for the named system. This is great for mixing and matching systems on one wheel, so you can have a fighting game wheel that includes mame, snes, gen, etc. This works great on PC and im hoping this makes it way to android.
  14. New updates came today for all Robert broglias .emu apps. They no longer auto load roms when run through hyperspin. Anyone know the new command to get this working?
  15. Yea this is how it worked on pc before rocket launcher, there is a line in the xml that specifies the emulator through an exe tag and it just pulls the settings.ini for that system. On my old setup before rocketlaunch it worked like this <game name="sfiii3"> <description>Street Fighter III 3rd Strike: Fight for the Future (USA, 990608)</description> <cloneof></cloneof> <manufacturer>Capcom</manufacturer> <year>1999</year> <genre></genre> <exe>Final Burn</exe> </game> It would just look for the Final Burn.ini and use those parameters to run games in your mame database using the final burn emulator. It would be great to have this as a feature. We could then create multi-system wheels for fighting racing etc.
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