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First Time Build/Pedistal Hybrid

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I have been wanting my own arcade for a few years now, but second hand ones in my area are hard to come by and extremely over priced. So after browsing around online for what seems like forever, I decided to try and build my own. It took a few weeks to get all the woodworking and painting done (day job takes up my weekdays.) I think it turned out pretty great.



My main goal is to have an overall system that can emulate all the old classics as well as everything new. I happened to have a higher end gaming PC that has been used more as a daily driver then what it was originally intended for, so it gets re-purposed into this project.




The design was heavily built around my own dimensions, tall enough for legs to fit under when sitting in a comfortable chair and what have you. With enough space for a second player if i wanna wreck someone. I spent tons of time browsing google image search , and couldn't find exactly what i wanted. So i ended up just scribbling around ideas and came up with what works, an how to get the most out of a 4'x8' board. 

post-112307-0-23793100-1467347923_thumb.jpg post-112307-0-17602500-1467348824_thumb.jpg



After picking up some cheap buttons and sticks online(probably get better at some point)as well as an ipac2 i just had to put it all together.

post-112307-0-60618400-1467348047_thumb.jpg post-112307-0-12708000-1467348071_thumb.jpg post-112307-0-30431600-1467348093_thumb.jpg

post-112307-0-33876800-1467348129_thumb.jpg post-112307-0-11046400-1467348176_thumb.jpg post-112307-0-96274000-1467348201_thumb.jpg


The TV I am using is a low end Scepter brand 40inch led screen. Not the best but I got a decent discount on it, and it works well enough for the newer games. 


Now I have begun the long task of setting up hyperspin properly(hardest part so far), So I am sure I will be all over the forums trying to figure things out!

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