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  1. Good to know! Due to "real life" my gaming PC was out of action for most of last year and I never got around to using my 4Play, so I really must devote a bit of time to it now.
  2. Disable 7z for MAME in RLUI, it's been happening to a few other people!
  3. Or you could run HyperSync on your PC and copy the results to the cab. Easier to use and means you have a backup of the files.
  4. Hyperlaunch is made up of lots of small files, which get updated frequently. The updates are distributed through GIT as this is simpler than creating a new installer package every time.
  5. Yeah, you might as well go for Gun Games and keep it simple.
  6. Light Gun Games is probably the better name anyway. You wouldn't have any other wheels named after the exact model of the controller, like "Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT Games" for the ones that need an 8-way stick, after all.
  7. Oh well, so much for that idea! Thanks for the info. As it happens, my sensor bar isn't even stuck on top of my TV yet as the bezel is so thin, but I've just got hold of a plastic bracket that might do the job after I've cut it down to size. Maybe this weekend...
  8. Ah, that's true but I had in mind to just display everything (HyperSpin & all emus) on either the monitor or the TV depending on how the mood takes me, using Display Fusion profiles and hotkeys to switch displays. Thinking about it, if both the TV and the monitor are 1920x1080 and I get the same ratio of viewing distance / screen size, I may not have to worry about recalibrating the guns.
  9. I'm following this with interest. I bought an Aimtrak a while ago but haven't got around to setting it up properly as my cab building plans were put on hold. However, I'm thinking of buying another one at some point, then putting one sensor bar in my (as yet unbuilt) cab and one on the TV, which the cab will be connected to for sofa bound gaming. I'll need to see if it's possible to swap between the screens without having to recalibrate both guns each time. Having multiple copies of MAME set up sounds like a good place to start.
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