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  1. Awesome news! I haven't visited the forum for a while due to life stuff, but it looks like I picked a good day to check back in.
  2. That actually makes sense as there is a well known issue with HyperSpin not working properly when there are no speakers (or equivalent) connected.
  3. I'd steer clear of the GPD Win if I were you, having followed its development and the discussion about it on Dingoonity. It has some design flaws (e.g. poorly thought out keyboard, one of the speakers was removed at the last minute to make room for a fan) and the quality control seems to be questionable. It would be great to have a pocketable, Windows based device with a keyboard and gaming controls built in, but I don't think the technology is quite there yet to build an affordable device that has good enough performance to be worth the bother.
  4. Good to know! Due to "real life" my gaming PC was out of action for most of last year and I never got around to using my 4Play, so I really must devote a bit of time to it now.
  5. There may be another way to do this for free, but I believe the Triggers feature of DisplayFusion Pro could take care of this. https://www.displayfusion.com/Discussions/View/working-with-triggers/?ID=43b31609-4ec6-4478-99f8-a1f11e9793f7 It can automatically move and resize specified programs whenever they open. There's a 30 day free trial so you could see if it does what you want.
  6. Off to a good start! What sort of wood are you using?
  7. Agrajag

    Arcade in a case

    Make sure you're wearing sunglasses and a black suit when you go anywhere with that case [emoji3]
  8. Agrajag

    Arcade in a case

    Absolutely fantastic! Well done and thanks for showing it off.
  9. It doesn't get very good reviews unfortunately. I wish there were viable alternatives to Tapatalk as I'm fed up with it getting worse with each update.
  10. I keep meaning to ask if anyone else is having trouble with Tapatalk. Every thread I've read (or marked as read) keeps reappearing in the Unread tab when I refresh it, albeit greyed out. Other sites' forums are OK, so maybe the plugin needs updating?
  11. Definitely a good idea, yes. Sent from my Classic using Tapatalk
  12. Sounds good! I'll probably get them when I finally build something to replace my X-Arcade. I seem to remember someone having trouble getting them to work with Taito TypeX games, buy I might be wrong.
  13. Surely the piggy is already branded? Gigapig, how are you getting on with the UltraStiks?
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