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lcd panel help


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I have bought a 19inch lcd 4.3 lcd panel (not an arcade panel just standard lcd) and driver board from a seller in china. Now my panel have 4 2pin cables coming from back of it which I assume is for the backlight and the backlight inverter has four female 2 pin sockets on the board. Problem is I did not get instructions with it. There is a pink/black wires going to a two pin connector and white and grey wire going to another two pin connector. and these are grouped together so I have two male connectors pink and black and white and grey wire grouped together and two lots of these so total of 4 two pin connectors. it is a ccfl backlight so I am guessing there is 4 ccfl tubes one two pin plu for for each does this sound right? I emailed seller but thought I would post here while I waited for a response. so below pics, first picture is the panel second is the wires coming from back of panel and third is the driver board and inverter board. The inverter board is the orange one and the two white square on top left and top right of the board is where I think I plug the wires that comes from panel. There is also a ribbon cable but is pretty obvious where that goes.




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