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  1. My daphne games dont get added to the unknown games list in ledblinkiny controls editor any ideas? Tried manually adding daphne and dragons lair but it does not work lights turn off and stay off when I open a daphne game.
  2. Hey all anyone able to help me get led blinky working with daphne? Would be much appreciated.
  3. Fixed it my input codes were wrong opened the "default.cfg" file in .../mame/cfg got the codes from there now working fine. Now to get it to play nice with Daphne.
  4. Just to be sure I deleted ledblinky re downloaded it re mapped keys and set it back up and its still doing same thing. To be clear port one on my pac64led is connected to my player one start button and is mapped to player one button 7 inside mame. so i have pac64led1/port one/P1start/P1B7, then I open troubleshooting app click on p1start and my p1b6 button lights up strange and I have no idea how to fix.
  5. Yes the debug.log and settings.ini are in the same folder and I only have one instance of led blinky.
  6. ok still having trouble this is the error [04/10/2014 19:37:30] Missing value in Settings.ini: [Mame_cfg_folder] [04/10/2014 19:37:35] Missing value in Settings.ini: [Mame_cfg_folder] [04/10/2014 19:37:38] Missing value in Settings.ini: [Mame_cfg_folder] [04/10/2014 19:37:50] Missing value in Settings.ini: [Mame_cfg_folder] and this is whats in my ledblinky settings.ini [MAMEConfig] Colors_ini= Mame_cfg_folder=D:\Hyperspin new\Emulators\mame 152\cfg MameControllerFile= UseMameDefaultForOtherEmulators=0 MameOutputBufferSize= MameControlsFile=D:\Hyperspin new\Emulators\mame 152\controls.ini MameXmlFile=D:\Hyperspin new\Databases\MAME\MAME.xml UseMameToTriggerGameStart=0 also when I run the troubleshooter the ports in the troubleshooter dont operate the same leds that the ledblinky mapping program light up so any ideas what I have to do?
  7. Ok thanks have to go out this morning will check it out when I get home this arvo thanks again Sent from my GT-N7105 using Tapatalk
  8. Not actually a keyboard encoder its a two player pc/ps3 controller board. But you get the idea. Sent from my GT-N7105 using Tapatalk
  9. Yea I get the purpose of mapping but its doing my head in not knowing why my my chain is falling down. What "I" call "player one button one" is not button one the encoder. But I have called that button "button one" in mame by mapping that button to "player one button one" in mame controls setup. I then go into ledblinky map creator click each port till what "I" call "Button one player one" lights up I then label it "player one button one". I start hyperspin ledblinky starts I start mame game "Gyruss" in the "controls.ini" file Gyruss fire button is "player one button one" yet ledblinky lights up "player one button six". So does ledblink read the button mapping from mame or is it reading it direct from the encoder?
  10. Completely confused I have my buttons working the way I want in mame I use the mame naming convention (eg if mame calles something "player 1 button one" that is the label I give it in led blinky) I click on each port till the one I want lights up then I label it in the mapping app that comes with led blinky to match mame. For example Gyruss says to use, for fire button " player one button one" in the controls.ini I downloaded off the net yet when I start gyruss it lights up "player one button 6" what in the chain of command is telling led blinky to treat button six as button 1?? Just to repeat all buttons work the way I want in mame. Its not some trial limitation that does not light correct buttons until you purchase is it. Have not purchased yet but am going to asap.
  11. Ok the "controls.ini" I think that is the problem were does that come from do I generate that myself somehow from the mame.exe like the mame.ini file? I dont have one in my mame folder I was using the one from the here http://controls.arcadecontrols.com/controls/controls_dat.php since I am not using default mapping do I some how have to make one to suit my setup
  12. Ok I thought that may be the case but then I thought perhaps it needs the controller file to read how the buttons are mapped in mame. Have not been able to work out how to use the controls editor going to be slow if I have to manually adjust each game.
  13. Have already done the map but the wrong buttons light up dont know what I have done wrong. for an example, Physically does what I want to be button 1 have to be wired to button 1 on my controller board for led blinky to work correctly. Because when I did the panel I wired the buttons to suit the control panel and just planned to map them with software, regardless of where they were physically connected to my encoder/controller.
  14. Not sure what you mean I used the GenLedBlinkyInputMap.exe to map my buttons but seems like led blinky is using the default mame buttons rather than getting my remapped buttons from mame if this makes sense. Could you elaborate a bit on your comments to help me understand cheers
  15. Having trouble getting led blinky to light the right buttons i have config folder mapped mame.xml mapped and controls.ini mapped do I need to also have the controller file mapped because I don't seem to have a ctlr folder in the mame directory ? Buttons light up but not the right ones. I am not using default button mapping in mame I have re mapped buttons to suit myself does this affect ledblinky?
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