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  1. What is hyperpause? what does it do? Is it a pause menu? How else can I check if hi to text is working?
  2. Ok thanks will do that if I can't get it going by weekend working things out means you end up with better understanding of how it works Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  3. Mame version is mame64 patched for hi score by me. Did not make a dat folder or put a file in will look into that cheers
  4. Was going by op. But turns out my .hi files are being created so I dont have to edit trying to get hi score working in marquee magician how do I check hi to text is working. The high score in games I play resetes on exit so not sure if its working or not.
  5. This has me stumped were do I remove that code in hyperlaunch do I modify an ahk if so which one?
  6. Ok cool sounds fine once I complete my design and get it cut will be back in contact cheers
  7. I see you charge $25 an hour I am making a Bar top which will start as a 600mm 2feet in imperial cube with parts removed to make it look arcade ish as a rough estimate how long would it take to make a full set of skins the theme is general multi emulator ? Just looking for rough cost. I have the cad files of the machine if it makes it easier.
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