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Some info/advice on plunger tube for Linear array sens. & LEDs


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Just received parts in the mail.  Decided to use the freescale microcontroller which will act as the z-axis of a joystick for the analog plunger movements.

Also got a linear array and a couple of blue LEDs.


BTW, This is going in my upright cab...


-Had to invert the plunger to fit it in the control panel, still works and feels good.  The plunger has a slight angle and gets a bit close to the bottom of the cp towards the end.

The pvc tube, etc... still fit and funcyions fine.


-Wondering about the width of the slots, especially the slot for the incoming light from the LEDs.


-Before I got the parts, I was using the plunger with a leaf switch mounted near the mounting plate (the washer on the end of of the plunger actuates the switch.  You had to pull the plunger all the way back and release....  I'd still like to incorporate this as well(for dig. p/b plunger type games).


-Following the great guide from M. J. Roberts  Link:




Here are some fotos (* LED location will be more centered to the slot.)
















Any tips and info much appreciated,



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