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  1. Same here EM ok but HB can't log in :/ t
  2. Hello, When I scroll to NEC PC Engine on the main hyperspin wheel the theme goes into action but the video is hidden... I do hear the intro video playing though. Any suggestions on how to get it to show uo?
  3. Hello, Getting this error: Also Launching TG-16 CD from Bizhawk. Don't get the error when launching PC Engine or TurboGrafx-16 (not CD ver.)
  4. In RLUI under Global/Emulators/Atomulator yes. (7z|zip) Not in HyperHQ though. **Or In RLUI Under Acorn Atom in Settings or ROM Tab? I vaguely remember someone saying you could trick RLUI by adding some letter/number in Global/emulators/atomulator then under extensions 7z|zip|*?|... t
  5. Thanks for the reply, Tried zipping the file as Zip and also 7z. I get this error when RL tries to launch the game: Along with the above I also tried the setting 'Skip Checks: ROM extensions' but RL (launcher) just freezes.
  6. Hello, Been a while. I'm not sure if you can get Acorn Atom games to show up in 'green' or correct in RLUI. They're in red but work...believe it's b/c there's no extension to the game files...? Any ideas or work arounds? thx t
  7. To see your current version of Hyperspin can you right click hyperspin.exe/propereties/details? t **Yow.. appears so, was running an old vers (1.4).. Got it updated
  8. Hello.  Did you ever get a separate button configured to exit hyperspin vs going back to the main wheel?  

    You are trying to do exactly what I'm hoping to do on my cabinet.   I haven't had any luck yet.

  9. How much do you charge for designing a marquee. I have a bit here that I started but I'm terrible at vectorizing. Or if anything vectorizing the "Arcade Time Machine" BTTF art.
  10. Hi Brad, I'm looking to having a Marquee made for my arcade cab. Sent you an email. Thomas
  11. thomas3120


  12. Really likin' the carbon fibre wrap on cp.... very nice job! Is the backing adhesive? t
  13. Still using Hyperspin w/hyperlaunch and hyperlaunchHQ. With this new install, there is no more hyperlaunch folder (with hyperlaunch-3 and contents) inside hyperspin folder? t
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