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  1. Cool Yeah def. go with the standoffs even those Nylon ones would work nicely and doesn't need to be super high/eleveted. The only hard part I thought was a way to make rear of CP sturdy while still having access to the M/B ports... (maybe making rear of CP out of Metal instead of wood and cutting out shapes of ports (sound, HDMI, etc...like on rear of a PC case or something)
  2. thomas3120

    Display controls for games - marquee?

    Have you checked out HyperMarquee app? (not mine) I'd like to do something similar...just need to find the time...and waiting (hopefully) there will be some marquee size monitors coming out that aren;t $$$$. I believe HyperPause does something like display controls, but could be wrong, never really tried it out. Someone else may know more... t
  3. Nice! I made some rough sketches and it seems very doable for fitting all comonents inside. And Seems like the TV's Nowadays look pretty decent running Windows, etc.. Even possible to get a decent mini itx/atx? style M/B to fit in it and mounting it in the rear, you can have all the ports for easy accessablity. The PS toward rear as well (maybe on opposite side)... Always see to CP arcades but just as 'controls' instead of the entire system I like ur idea on making it able to lock into an existing cab/stand. good luck and post some pics & progress if u can t
  4. thomas3120

    Hyperspin Lightgun Cab

    Wow congrats on the cabinet Looks very professional & unique as well! Like your other cab next to it also. What is that 'Global VR' do? thomas
  5. Just one other thing... I've been toying with the idea of building a 'ControlPanel' arcade, where all components fit inside the CP. Outputs would be something like HDMI DVI vga.. & power. Would have a carrying handle to move around as well. Basically all PC components (no case) & PS inside the CP as well as your encoders, etc.. Another option if you have limited space and want to use a 'full size' CP. t
  6. thomas3120

    Recommendations for a 4Tb HDD.

    Thanks for the replies Well I went ahead and bought a 'Gold' series WD 4Tb 7200rpm, 128Mb cache HDD...so far it's doing good, a bit loud when it's working/accessing data, etc.. If I recall it was around $150USD I'll report back on how it does. Thanks again, thomas
  7. Agree with Honosuseri on stripping the PC, lose the case. Also, At least for me, no need for a CD drive as all data including OS can be installed from a thumbdrive. For the keyboard just have some USB ports available (front or rear) and just plug it in when you need to (also goes for USB thumb drive). t
  8. Hello, My current Media/Hyperspin Drive is getting close to it's max of 3Tb and was wondering what brand should I go with... Just been a while since I've bought one so I have no idea which one to check out. I'd like to have the 7200rpm, sata, and 128mb cache(i believe). I've had a spotty relationship with WD. my current drive is WD and has been great...but a while back I bought another WD drive and it lasted for a month or 2 :/ Any suggestions/help would be awesome. Also My OS SSD drive is getting close to being at max cap. it's a 230Gb SSD....any suggestions on a good SSD also would be awesome My mobo supports those M.2 socket type 2242/2260/2280 devices...but I don't know very much on these... t
  9. Hello, been getting a 'SidebySide' error. Was wondering if I have all the Visual C++ , .NET programs/files that are required, especially for HS. Here is a scrnshot of installed programs: btw, not sure why on my pc I have .NET Framework 4.7 (french version)...will go back and delete thanks, thomas
  10. thomas3120

    Noise through Speakers

    If you move the amp around, does the sound quality improve a bit? Try moving it away from speakers and PC and maybe add shielding around it? Btw, are those automotive speakers? If so, they probably aren't magnetically shielded. Check this site: http://andrewrondeau.com/Voight Pipes/shielding.html There are bucking magnets you can add to the speakers. I have some kicker car speakers in my cab. I had some thick copper plating that I grounded and added to the rear of the speakers. Not sure how well this helps but sound is great.
  11. thomas3120

    How do I hide windows 10?

    Thanks, I'm reading up/ possibly trying these instructions out: http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php?topic=113896.0 (*it's for Windows 7) t
  12. thomas3120

    PC Games Hyperspin Need quick help

    I'm using the shortcut method as well. I placed all my shortcuts in my main Roms\PCGames folder. My HyperHQ for PCGames: I can drag and drop the shortcuts no problem. Ignore (for now the other extensions) Just use the .lnk for now. Remove anything in Executable and Rom path as well (leave blank). thomas
  13. thomas3120

    What type of encoder should I use?

    Hmm no need for second keyboard (but not entirely sure based on what game it is..) Have PC games Highlighted in RLUI. First goto Settings and enable AHK method to "External" Then goto Keymapper (still under PC games) Tab is 'AutoHotKey', click on arrow next to the green plus sign and select the game you want to remap controls. Goto the green arrow below the game list (about mid page) enter orig. key then the new key you want. *When it says enter original key you may have to instead press the new key you want and for new key press enter original. Try the first way and see if that works first... thomas
  14. thomas3120

    Quick question on controller input (not using HyperHQ)

    Thanks for the reply Assassin, In RLUI under global\Controls\Navigation what are those controller maps for...seem to be like HyperHQ? I can't recall now but someone suggested that I didn't use HyperHQ to map controls (because in Hyperspin wheel would skip a game or 2 after selecting a game).
  15. Hello, Did a search (I had a post long ago but can't find it) on why not to map your controllers in HyperHQ and where instead to map them. Should this be done in RLUI, and if so where in RLUI? Also, what about using/enabling a trackball also done in RLUI? *Is HyperHQ not necessary to use anymore? ...Guess what I'm asking all settings, etc.. can be made in RLUI now? thomas