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New Tutorial From Tcmt for Creating Override Transitions


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Hello Everybody,


Tcmt has created new tutorial on how to find, convert, and customize new override transitions found on the interwebs that you could utilize in HyperSpin.  When you have a moment, drop a thanks for a job well done!


The tutorial can be find in our tutorials sections -> artwork guides -> transitions



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Hello Once Again,


Tcmt has created a new tutorial on how to create a basic fade to black to back override transition that you may use in HyperSpin.  Hopefully this tutorial will show you how easy it is to create your very own transitions and elevate your skills in Adobe After Effects.  If you have a moment, drop a thanks for this well made tutorial!


The tutorial can be found HERE or you can navigate to the Tutorials section->Artwork Guides->Transitions-> [Written] - tcmt - How to Create a Simple Fade Transition with Cue-Point Using Adobe After Effects

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    • By thatman84
      So I was confused but I think I have figured most of it out now.
      Here goes

      Animated Backgrounds (Allows all settings grouped below it function)
      Intersititial Backgrounds (loads the images in Hyperspin\Media\Main Menu\Images\Backgrounds\Interstitial between switching system)
      Level 1 - 4 Backgrounds (Appiles different levels of animations to backgrounds as they fade in and out when switching. Higher level = better animation and higher CPU load)
      Special Backgrounds (Plays Override Transitions in .flv format from Hyperspin\Media\Main Menu\Video\Override Transitions for .flv files that match system names you have in your Main Menu.xml)
      Hyperspin\Media\Frontend\Video\Transitions for generic .flv files that play when no System Name specific one is found in above folder location
      Themes Wait For Special (Themes load after Override Transition has played)
      Animated Artworks (This applies animation of Artwork in png format that is contained in the "systemname".zip Theme located in Hyperspin\Media\Main Menu\Themes)
      Level 1 & 2 Artworks (Im not sure on this one but guessing its either different levels of animations OR applies animations to more of the 4 theme artwork layers)
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      Good Evening / Morning Everyone,
      Mr JackJamesBaker's Hyperspin Cinematic tutorials are available if you want to create your own Hyperspin cinematic themes.  Please see the links below within our tutorials -> artwork guides -> themes section.   I know that these were out on the forums for a bit, therefore; when you have a moment, thank him for a job well done!
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      Привет Хайперспинеры!
      Новый видео мануал на моем канале!
      Настройка Hyperspin в связке с RocketLauncher.

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      Bei Fragen, Anregungen, Verbesserungsvorschlägen oder sonstigen bitte hier posten.
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