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How make a program that starts after Windows be loaded, and that allow Select Hyperspin Horizontal or Hyperspin Vertical ?...

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Hello, i dont know if exists a software similar, i´m trying to know how create a program boot menu that after windows be loaded (without see windows itself) first will appear a selectable menu 640x480 in the Arcade Crt tube, that menu should allow:


-Select 2 different Hyperspins versions and System (when screen is horizontal or vertical)

-Select from a box menu one Hyperspin Horizontal in C:

-Select from a box menu one Hyperspin Vertical in D:

-Select from a box menu System (that makes windows destop appear)


The menu should display something like this image, i put orientation letters in 2 ways to allow see them when monitor is Horizontal or Vertical, (the best way will be using a button to auto-rotate this menu between Vertical or Horizontal position, and put the letters in one position, not both positions, but this maybe is more difficult to make true), here an example of the boot menu.




I have this in mind, i dont know how make this using some aditional software for the graphics and the code needed to route the boxes buttons Horizontal,Vertical and System, if i´m right there is software like Neobook that allow makes .exe with a background image, buttons and ways to redirect that buttons to the selected ubication where the programs are, maybe this could be a way?


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That can be done with ahk code.

If you want my help, just create a thread on the RL forums, add exactly what you want to display and how you want to display it on two image mockups, one for the horizontal orientation and another for the vertical orientation and I see what I can do for you.

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