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  1. as giga said, you need to set the exit method that works for each taito type x game independently. There is not a universal solution for that, that is why this setting exists. Also, please delete either the 2&3 or the 3&2 exit key combination. You just need one of them set and I don't know if adding the second one will result in the desirable behavior.
  2. That can be done with ahk code. If you want my help, just create a thread on the RL forums, add exactly what you want to display and how you want to display it on two image mockups, one for the horizontal orientation and another for the vertical orientation and I see what I can do for you. Sent from my XT1068 using Tapatalk
  3. Eu sugiro que vocês comecem do zero. Qualquer HD vendido pronto é uma perda de tempo e uma merda na minha opnião. Sem contar que como um dos desenvolvedores do RocketLauncher eu acho extremamente ofensivo que alguém ganhe dinheiro com isso, e nem se preze a fazer uma mísera doação a quem desenvolveu os programas ou perdeu tempo ajudando a quem tem problemas. Afinal a gente é uma comunidade que tenta ajudar uns aos outros. Se vc comprou isso de alguém, tenta cobrar dele ajuda. Dito issso: O RocketLauncher é a evolução do Hyperlaunch. Pensa nele como se fosse o windows 10 comparado ao windows vista. Então simplesmente esqueçam o hyperlaunch (que é um app de mais de tres anos atras), e usem o RocketLauncher no lugar. Começa procurando fazer o básico. Coloca pra funcionar o MAME seguindo as instruções de algum dos tutoriais na web (mesmo os em ingles servem se vc colocar a legenda em portugues no youtube ou usar o google translate). Tb tem o forum do rocketlauncher pra alguma duvida especifica e o wiki de lá. Vcs vão ver que não tem mistério. Se mesmo assim vcs não conseguirem instalar ele, vcs podem pensar em talvez se tornar membros pagos daqui pra ter acesso ao pack que o gigapig preparou com um monte de sistemas já preconfigurados.
  4. First of all, sorry for the huge message. Here are my suggestions on the more sensible feature requests on my opinion. I am just giving my thoughts, so please disregard anything that you don't like. Priority: First of all I would suggest focus on improving the things that HS is good at. Surpass the art related bottlenecks like current display bugs, multiple aspect ratio support and multi level wheels for example. I would give a secondary priority to any feature that can be already achieved by other means, like the keymapper related stuff for example. On themes aspect ratios support: As I understand, HS uses internally the 1024x768 resolution to translate the theme.xml coordinates to build its flash window components. I could be far from the true because I don't have access to the source code, but if that is the case: Why not to add a more dynamic support for any screen ratio instead of only adding support for 16:9, expanding HS use to 16:10, 5:4, 21:9 and other monitors. My suggestion to add that is to simply add a new key value to the theme.xml file that provides the info of the base resolution that the theme was build, and them use this information to calculate the theme components positions on the HS window. For sure any theme that does not have this resolution key info would simply assume that the theme was built for 4:3, making this feature compatible with the current themes. Also, going one step further, HS could even choose the best of multiple themes to be displayed if it reads the resolution information and compare it with the use monitor resolution aspect ratio. On metadata: Instead of hard codding a few handful selected new metadata fields like score ratings or game summary, why not a more customizable feature for that. HS could simply build a new accessible metadata information for each and any of the xml keys written inside the game database. You would just need to loop through the game xml keys and add a theme accessible variable for each of the fields found on the database. That way, if you want to have the mobygames score rating info showed on your theme, you just need to add a new key to the game xml, named for example mobygames_score and have a way to link that with the theme that you build (more about that on the next item). That way, if anyone wants to show simultaneously the mobygames and gamesfaq score ratings on their themes, they would just need to add multiple xml fields to the HS databases. This wouldn't be possible if all metadata info is hard code as it is done now on HS. On using the metadata on themes: Basically, for each metadata found on the game xml database section, you would have a variable following its name representing the database found metadata information. On the themes xml, you could have additional layers that takes advantage of this by using the variable information to define either: 1) the path to find a media image related with the database information. 2) the text that should be displayed on the theme for this specific game, together with the text properties used for defining the text appearance on the theme. On scrappers: Scrappers can be done either by external plugins or programs. In order to avoid too much delay and too much work centralized on just one developer, I would simply leave that for now to be done on external apps. On MultiLevel wheels: I believe this is a important feature, but I would also design it to not be limited to only a extra third wheel level as some have already mentioned. If some thought is given to this feature design, the work of making it scalable to extra wheel levels (4, 5, ...) or simply to add an extra one shouldn't be that much different. These are my thoughts about the things that I would like more to be changed on HS. If you need any more detail on anything that I suggested above, just ask.
  5. The bezel background image will be resized to fill the entire screen. You can also simply don't use any bezel background image if you like. The bezel image will be placed centralized on your screen fitting either the width or the height entirely, in a way that your bezel image does not lose its aspect ratio, but fills at least one of these monitor dimensions. Therefore, you will only fill your entire screen with the bezel image if you deliberately uses a image that has exactly your portrait monitor aspect ratio. Sent from my XT1068 using Tapatalk
  6. I believe that HS automatically places its windows always centered in relation to your resolution whenever the HS window loses focus and its reactivated. I was able to move it horizontally (and resize it) by using the bellow ahk script, but as I said above, HS moves its window back to the center as soon as you reactivate the program. This is a very bad limitation in my opinion and I don't know if there is any hidden setting that could avoid that. winmove, HyperSpin ahk_class ThunderRT6FormDC, 0, 0, 640, 480
  7. I completely disagree. I use the pause features everyday. Did you never needed a walkthrough to help you on a complicated game? Anyway, maybe in the near future I could work on something that could surpass the pause limitation for your use scenario. No promises or ETAs although.
  8. It is simple to use RocketLauncher on the box area if you set to use the RL bezel feature. All emulators should use only the "box" area without the need for any additional configuration. It shouldn't be difficult also to rearrange the fade screen coordinates to concentrate all the info on the box area. The only limitation is the pause screen, as it was designed to take full advantage of your screen area, so it will fill your entire portrait screen when launched and not onmly the "box" area. Also, RocketLauncher has a setting for rotate automatically any of its menu contents to any screen orientation that you use (RLUI > Settings > Main Settings > Screen Rotation Angle). I don't know if you would even need that but it doesn't matter if you use windows on a portrait monitor or not for it to work.
  9. vai em \RocketLauncher\Settings e vê se tem um arquivo chamado "Global Emulators (Example).ini" Renomeia ele pra "Global Emulators.ini" e depois ajusta no RLUI os diretórios pra ser compatível com onde estão isntalados teus emuladores. Pra quem estiver iniciando, tenta olhar o tutorial do austin de instalação do RocketLauncher. Praticamente tudo que vc precisa tá explicado lá. Também é bom dar uma olhada no wiki do site do RocketLauncher.
  10. Search on the web and learn the basics of Autohotkey to do a script that does what you want. Usually, it is really simple to do something like that. After testing your script and making sure that it presses the start for your app you just need to make sure that the script will be run when you enter the game. There are 3 ways for doing that: If you are using the pclauncher module, just use a PreLaunch script. If you created your own Playstation 4 module, add the commands to press the start to the module itself. If you are using any other module, just use the user functions for running your script. There are many posts around about how to do that both here and on the RocketLauncher site. Just search for them. If you need more help, create a post on the RocketLauncher forum and we will try to help you through the script creation even without having a playstation 4 around. If only we had money for a PS4. We could do that for you in a instant.
  11. You have many options for that. Add an loop to your script and check if the game is still running. When it is not running just add the exitApp to your script. You could also look at your processes list for the name that the script process takes, and close it on your post launch script. And so on. Sent from my XT1068 using Tapatalk
  12. bleasby


    Your log says that you did not checked the above answers on the post. Just disable the extra fake full screen bezel option on the RocketLauncher bezel options. Sent from my XT1068 using Tapatalk
  13. Solução: http://www.rlauncher.com/forum/showthread.php?2730-Bezels-Rocket-Launcher-do-not-fit-the-screen-they-are-too-big&p=22382&viewfull=1#post22382 Estamos trabalhando pro RL desabilitar automaticamente o "DPI scalling". Enquanto isso não é distribuido a solução é seguir o que tá descrito no post que adicionei acima.
  14. We are trying to solve that on the Rocketlauncher site. The problem seams to be related with the automatic DPI scaling made by windows. Just take a look at my last post over there where I present a possible solution. Sent from my XT1068 using Tapatalk
  15. bleasby


    As gigapig said, disable the extra full screen bezel option on RLUI. The reason why this happens is better explained here: http://www.rlauncher.com/forum/showthread.php?2107-Bezels-Not-Working&p=19463&viewfull=1#post19463
  16. You can use symbolic links for that if you want. Just search about it.
  17. De nada! Feliz por ter ajudado. Essa opção foi adicionada nessa semana na nova versão do RocketLauncher. Não precisa culpar teus sobrinhos, eu sou mais culpado que eles, hahahahha Basicamente, a gente devia ter adicionado isso desde o princípio do RocketLauncher, mas antes usávamos um "atalho" pra descobrir se o usuário tava tentando jogar um jogo desde o HyperSpin ou de outro Frontend, mas resolvemos finalmente solucionar isso adicionando essas opções. Todo mundo vai ter que seguir essas instruções depois de atualizar o RocketLauncher, mas confiem em mim que isso é um mal necessário pra evitar problemas que alguns usuários vinham tendo.
  18. Vc tem que abrir o RocketLauncherUI e adicionar o "frontend default path" e o "default plugin" pra apontar pra sua instalacao do HyperSpin. O anuncio do update no site do RocketLauncher tem todos os detalhes sobre isso. Começa a se acostumar de dar uma olhada no site do RockeLauncher que vc vai se interar dessas e outras coisas uteis rapidamente Sent from my GT-I9000B using Tapatalk 2
  19. bleasby


    You will probably find the bezels that you want on the emumovies ftp. They were moved to there because they are a RocketLauncher and not a HyperSpin feature. As RocketLauncher supports multiple emulators it didn't made sense to oblige other frontend users to pay for a HyperSpin membership for acessing RocketLaucnher media. Emumovies is fontend independent as Rocketlauncher so it made sense to move there this stuff. Nosh also used to keep a git account with his bezels if you want to download them directly: https://github.com/nosh01/Rocket-Launcher-Media
  20. Você tem que informar ao RocketLauncher qual frontend ele vai usar (o hyperspin no seu caso). Abre o RocketLauncherUI, vai na aba RocketLauncherUI, adiciona o HyperSpin e escolhe ele como default. tá tudo explicado aqui: http://www.rlauncher.com/wiki/index.php?title=HyperSpin
  21. The name of the feature that shows the image is fade out. You should have it enabled on RLUI, and add your files to the RL/media/fade folders. The file must start with the word "layer -1" to be considered as a fade out image. Sent from my GT-I9000B using Tapatalk 2
  22. Think about it just for one second before complaining. If you use any other FrontEnd, why in the world you should pay for a HyperSpin membership in order to access files that have nothing to do with HyperSpin? HyperSpin doesn't even know what bezels are. Bezels are a RocketLauncher only feature. Emumovies (like RocketLauncher) is FrontEnd independent. So it makes perfect sense to move things to emumovies instead in order to provide the best for all users. Edit: By the way, it was the HyperSpin admins decision to remove RocketLauncher (RocketLauncher at the time) from here when it became FrontEnd independent. So it makes sense to move also the RocketLauncher only related media to somewhere else.
  23. Pelo que eu me lembro o demul não suportava arquivos zip, eles devem ter adicionado isso depois que o modulo foi feito. Vc só precisa abrir o RocketLauncherUI, escolher o sistema que vc tá configurando (Sega Naomi,...), ir em settings, 7z, e colocar true na opção enabled. Reporta isso no forum do rocketlauncher e qdo a gente tiver tempo a gente testa de verdade se o demul agora supporta arquivos compactados e faz um update pro modulo do demul não dar mais esse erro.
  24. Next RL version (release within this week most probably) will allow you to choose using hi2txt instead of HiToText to acquire high scores on pause and Rom mapping menus. You will just need to change the HiToText path to point to the file that you want to use. Sent from my XT1068 using Tapatalk
  25. I have no idea what is the command line that HS uses and I believe neither djvj and brolly would know also. So, I don't think posting in the RocketLauncher will bring you with any new info, but you could try anyway. This is for sure a question to BBB to answer. Maybe Circo or other user could help to reach him about that. By the way greatstone, nice job as usual. I still have pending taking a look about replacing the HitoText version used by RocketLauncher, but it seams that I will have to take a look at it as soon as I can. Thks
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