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Just a few Ongoing Upgrades to the Arcade Cabinet


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Ahghh...posted this in the pinball cabinet forum instead of the HyperSpin Cabinets and Projects forum...sorry about that feel free to move :/

I thought I'd post a few updates I've been doing to the arcade cab.


Here's a quick video, if you're bored:  (give it a few minutes for the quality to improve)



Will add a few more pics here as I get a chance.


New Motherboard ASUS H97M-E Intel i7 Quad core @ 4Ghz,  8 Gb Ram (DDR 3?)(2x4Gb sticks).

Onboard sound.  Added a 400W Yamaha Stereo Amplifier(really liking the sounds).  I'll post a short video, but it doesn't do it justice.


Added, finally a LED, HDMI 16:9  25"--26" Monitor(can't recall exact size and I believe are different sizing than crts?)


New Nvidia Geforce GTX 750 Ti  (Does pretty good...play Skyrim maxed out).


Built a custom steel plate (like where Happs trackball mounts to) for my 4-way joystick, so it's higher above the CP.


A Red dragon, micro switch &  illuminated keyboard.


Added a pinball plunger along with the Linear array sensor to make it a mechanical, analogish closer to real thing plunger :)

Works great but still need to set up the 'Zed' Push button option for tables that are pushbutton ball launchers.

*Just wanted to add here that the Charlotte PVC pipe (1/2") fits perfect over the inside flange of the plunger.  Easy to work with and to mount the sensor(s), etc...








Redid my Aimtrak holster, made of PVC, with a nylon gun holster insert.  Also has a nylon locking strap with quick release clip.


Got a good head start on my custom racing pedals.  All aluminum, had my friend weld them for me.  Have to add Magnet/Hall Effect sensor for the throttle pedal & Pressure sensor w/rubber bushings for brake.



I'm really thing of some artwork for the cab.


Going to tackle the Marquee first, trying to vectorize some images....not going to great hehe  :/


Maybe the control panel and side art later.


Further down the road I may do the LED Blinky Pushbuttons.  I can't remember which cabinet I saw, whatever system you werre playing the corresponding pushbuttons would light up.  Really neat.  (Along the same lines as a LCD Marquee :D




The speakers are 3 or 4 way Kickers; 2 on the bottom front and 2 up under the marquee.

Also have 2 tweeters right below the Monitor.


I'll try and add some links when I edit this for a few things.


Thanks again for the help with my questions, etc!   :)



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