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Looking to sign up for hypersyc.. quick questions


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hey hey, so this site is awsome and been very helpful! i am restoring a broken tekken arcade cabinet and got mame and everything working perfectly.

now my last step is the themese and videos


so i wanna get hypersync involved and have some questions


1. i suppose i need to be a platinum member of hypersync? i tried logging in with my normal log in but it wont work

2. i then need to be a emumovie member correct? only cause i see emumovies has emumovies snc :shok:

3. is setting this thing up fast and simple, meaning one click and it will create all folders and such? i have about 4,000 games and im only doing mame as of right now.. later builds ill add nes and Snes

4. does it give bezel art for all games?

5. speaking of 4,000 games, will it have videos and art for ALL games?? like bootlegs like pucman, and stuff?

6. will it recognize all my roms? such as i have the street fighter rom(sf), and i also have the japanese rom(sfj)... will it get art for both?

7. lastly, does this require internet connection to my computer 24/7?im looking to set up the computer, download all files,  then permanent install computer into cabinet... meaning no  ethernet wire connected and such


thanks bros!

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1. Yes

2. Regarding the preview vids: Yes. It's a separate entity.

3. In HyperHQ, but you'll need to use RocketLauncher to set up the emulators etc.

4. No. Each system has different sets of artwork. This differs for individual game themes, default themes with either or (3D) boxes/carts/marquees.etc. only wheel art and a default theme, very much depends. If you go crazy you can go for a 80+ system set-up with all kinds of obscure pc, hendheld, console, arcade systems and more

5. No. but in general there are vids for all popular systems and their minted game sets. i.e no obscure mahjong games etc. otherwise your MAME setup only would be too much crap

6. Depends on how you set up RocketLaucher and the emu's, but we prefer No-Intro naming where possible. All artwork sets/roms/xml databases need to have the same naming scheme, case sensitive. There are 3rd party tools to help you out here and tutorials.

7. No. you only need your internet if you have any emu's set up for online play or want to download/update artwork etc. Basically you only need it for maintenance in general.

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