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Screen Size using retroarch for console emulation


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Hi Guys,


I am having trouble with my display screen when i run some consoles, eg Master system, Megadrive, game gear and NES. the screen display is the upper left corner of the screen for the above systems. I have selected fullscreen in HyperspinHQ but noting seems to fix the issue

The game gear bezel is working but the screen is in the right hand corner of the bezel

I have selected true to the bezels being on and have tried them off as well. I have tried changing the fading settings with no luck.

My SNES setting are the same as those above but it is running full screen with no dramas.

Is there another setting I am missing as I have gone through all the forum posts here and on youtube with no luck fixing it.


I have attached pictures of the display placement



Screenshot (4).png




2 hours ago


Unfortunately the support ticket area is for account and site issues only and not emulator issues. Your issue should be address in our forum, failing that the emulator forum or the RocketLaunche

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