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RetroArch + HyperSpin+ RL

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I'm trying to configure Atari Lynx for Hyperspin via RL and apply a bezel.  When I hit F1 to enter the RA menu it automatically goes full screen and I can adjust the view point to center within the bezel.  I've edited the Atarti Lynx.cfg through the retroarch menu as well as manually and it continues to blow up full screen once the RA menu appears.  Is this core designed specifically to run in Fullscreen?   

My .cfg is attached.

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance!!

Atari Lynx.cfg


UPDATE:  Just FYI when I configure other systems/cores I get the green RetroArch menu.  For this particular system is comes up blue as if I were running RetroArch standalone from the .exe.

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    • By wildpumpk1n
      Hello guys,
      I'm working on a Tate build with Hyperspin for candy 15khz cab. 
      I made it for used with jammAsd or ipac2 or something who use a keyboard encoder.
      I was thinking to find solution for people who will used it with a 1player panel with 3buttons and start.
      Usually the keybinding is 
      Start p1 . 1
      Button 1 . Lctrl
      Button 2 . Lalt
      Button 3. Space
      Button 4 . Shift
      My trouble is hyperhq don't recognize the alt key. My thought was to ask rocketlauncher to use an AHK script to change lalt::k
      No problem, it works. If I start it manually, Hyperspin recognize my button2 (lalt) as a k.
      I change few thing in rocketlauncher asking it to use AHK I made under RL Hyperspin.ahk. I select external in settings, etc. 
      But its not working, I didn't see the script in my task bar ?
      As I used a lot of ahk keymapper for pc Games in this build I don't want to start it with hyperhq at the start of Hyperspin, maybe it will be the mess. 
      If you have any Idea, thanks guys ?
      If you want to have a look to the build 
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