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Hyperspin to boot into a exe instead of a menu showing roms?

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Hope I'm wording this correctly.. but I'm having a hard time with something

Here's what I want: I want to have pinball arcade on my hyperspin. I have everything meaning tables and executables. But I don't want hyperspin to break down my tables like it would with mame where you click on mame... then you select a game

currently pinball arcade is set to click on pinball arcade then it goes into the second part of showing the table titles

i want to avoid all that and simply go from the main menu deirectly into the pinball arcade executable.

meaning screen goes black and pinball loads up.


i tried following a guys tutorial of him doing super street fighter 4 (which I plan to do) but I keep getting stuck and I wind up deleting my process


Thanks in advanced!

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Nvm got it! Easiest way:

go to hyper hq do main menu wizard.. delete the main if you already have it


and just add it again but doing it as executable 


wish I thought of this freaking 4 hours ago ugh 

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