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How do you you hold your Control panel in place ?

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So the only thing I still have maters is how to lock the control panel in place on Bartops

The original Retrocade had a gap in base so you could get a screwdriver in but I didn't like that


On the Princess Cade I screwed it from the bottom into side rails on the

Control panel ...not pretty


So how does everyone else do it?

I don't want to leave a gap and I don't want to drill through the artwork

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Usually, you have a hinge at the front and you access the latches through through coin door or similar. Maybe it's not the right solution for you here if you have limited space inside your box, and have no need to access the guts via the control panel. That latches are a pretty big size too.

Maybe the right answer here is to inlay bolts into the control panel and have some metal brackets you can slide them through and bolt up (this is the approach I'm using on my Naomis at the moment). Or you can use a threaded inlay hammered into the panel, but then you'd need to be sure you're not gonna push the bolt through the panel, and you'd have to inlay a slice of aluminium or something to cover the hole you made (this is the approach I used on a previous home made slimline arcade machine)

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