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  1. Many thanks It's a logitec force wheel its usb and working really well I removed the gear stick and used my own I'll take a screen shot of specs later And here's what's games its playing Sent from the smut hut
  2. Here details of my latest project Well I was not as happy with this purchase. I made a purchase in the dark and bought it with out seeing it working and without getting a proper look at it In the daytime and I can now see the cab is in poor condition and a few things not working. I must mention these old cabs don't like to be moved,So I wasn't shocked to see a rom error or the monitor colour problem. After cleaning it for a few hours I kept finding dirty parts every where it was so grimy And the inside is showing age the power supply needs a good clean and the wiring loom has more joints than Jamaicans cigarette tin. But that's a easy fix with a bit of love I could get her back to near new However the wood work is not. Ouch DOH Oops Uhoh Oh dear The guy also told me the accelerate pedal was stuck on so when you fired up the game it was go go go . After 1 hour trying to get this bolt out I found out why the pedal was on full this cog had come loose and of course nobody had put the work in to get the Into pedal enclosure Also the monitor is missing it's cover Leaving not safe to leave on around little folk. So with some tweaking I got the game running but I still need to adjust the monitor colours to have it perfect. lets work out how much it earned It's was 30p So any way after a few hours with im a bit confused what to do ? The wood work is rotten the T Molding needs replacing if I fitted new stuff it would be loose in the groove and where the woods expanded it would look to small. so in the time and money it would take to fill it/sand and repair all the bad stuff I could draw around it and cut new sides from mdf, it's not like I'm going to loose any artwork. And to be honest this isn't a true chase HQ cab because the control panel hasn't got correct artwork and the marquee doesn't have lamps or wiring fitted to flash when you go into chase mode. It's hard to see but the marquee in bad condition and flaking off. The Bezzlel glass is in great condition Do I can use it again. Here's what I have in mind I may use the middle section and restore the wheel pedals,gear stick, and back parts ,sell the pcb Keep the monitor and connect it using a Jpac and fit a mid level Pc so I can play all of classic driving games but keep the old school look. P.s I did find this football coin ; ) I dropped the pedals off to a friend that has a polishing wheel and I think they came up pretty nice Before After I painted all the wood parts even though I'm add art work it's good to seal the wood I clean up the rusty coin door and and back brace And all stack up for for today This stuff is great Bought some wood for the bottom of the machine ( I'll paint later) Then I fitted back the majority of my new copied pieces Out with the old And after a lot of work I finally got the original artwork off off and all the sticky glue Polished these catches Cut the slot for the T Molding And did a test fit with a spare piece I have I still can't decide between red or chrome for the T molding The carbon fibre vinyl wrap I bought is great it's got a real texture on it Here's me putting it on the control Panel And the Coon door panel And I have two option for the speaker Original or my round one anyone got a preference ? So I pulled these surround speakers apart to use with the £5 sub that I picked up Is that to many speakers ? All fitted with tweeters too I also fitted so T-molding (thus isn't new stuff and when I get the cash I may replace it as its in a bad state. And then I had to figure a way to fix the wheel in place at the right angle So I fixed it in place with long bolt and tightened everything up And I put the glass in place Have the insides another coat of paint Got the artwork printed along with another cabs Fitted the marquee to the backing And the map to the glass Loaded her into my van Hmmmm gonna be a tight fit At home at last Sent from the smut hut
  3. WOW thats a great add on! Can you tell me what's the Check board like under foot when you press the pedal? im building a stand up cab and im worried if i fit it to mine it will be or slippy
  4. It's looks so good ! What's the DSD button box for ? Sent from the smut hut
  5. Ahhh I see care to share the brand of carbon fibre vinyl you use it looks great ! Sent from the smut hut
  6. Amazing build ! But I have questions What's the led wiz for? What's the radio and arrow buttons for ? Sent from the smut hut
  7. Many thanks I'll get back with more info Sent from the smut hut
  8. Mike you need to take that to play expo in Manchester ! I have van to fit it in you also get a great chance to play actual pinbal tables Sent from the smut hut
  9. challenge excepted Mike ! That's just amazing the lower DMD works so well,so many cool things get missed during game play Now come on I know you don't like FP "feel" But the Ironman table and and new yet to be released Star Trek the movie table would look and play so well on your table !!! Sent from the smut hut
  10. My god it's a thing of beauty ! It all just works so well everything you fitted compliments the next thing So what's next : ) Sent from the smut hut
  11. That back box looks so good I'm considering re building mine do they sell it in red ? im happy you rebuilt the DMD it looks just as good as the rest of the cab Sent from the smut hut
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