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Ms-dos Bolt on?


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Ive downloaded literally every major Hyperspin pack/bolt-on that i could find with the hope of finishing off my setup. Ive been searching for an Ms-dos pack for ages and have been unsuccessful.


Theres an exodos pack which is 365gb... but the source is way too slow to download...

Ive seen some youtube videos of some pretty decent wheels and was wondering if anyone is willing to share what they have?


if not, a point in the right direction would be great.





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1 minute ago, dougan78 said:

Did you look in the downloads section? There is 1805 wheels in there.


yea ive got the wheel art and videos etc, what i need is a matching romset. There are dos sets out there but the file names dont match any of it. I can create an xml easily enough for whatever roms i have but is there a way to rename all of the videos and wheel art to match??


thanks for replying



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