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Force feedback - what would you do?


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Ok, so I've had my visual pinball cabinet for a few years and now have the itch to put force feedback and LED's on it and fancy things up a bit.  I've bought some items as shown in the picture here, and now my questions/plans...

I have the following;


8 solenoids (playfield bumpers, slingshots etc. other than flippers)

2 12v Siemens contactors (flippers)

5 RGB star LEDs for back of the playfield

4 Lighted buttons (Launch, Esc, Quarter, Flyer) - these are lamps not LED's

1 120v red beacon topper

1 Plunger slide potentiometer (also on order and not in picture)



1 LEDWiz

2 4-channel relays (as seen in picture - these are not sainsmart USB ones however

1 8-channel sainsmart on the way (not shown in picture)

1 Freescale FRDM-KL25Z (plan to use this for plunger and nudging)



12v Power supply (meanwell SP-200-12 12V)

Misc diodes, wiring, aluminum bar, etc.


So....  How to connect it all up?  Originally was going to use the 8 channel sainsmart to connect up the 8 playfield solenoids, then use the LEDWiz for the flipper contactors and LED's as well as the 4 button lamps.  Finally use one of the 4 channel relays (along with LEDWiz) for the 120v beacon.  However, would it make more sense to put the contactors for the flippers on the sainsmart for less of a "delay"?  Also in all of this, I'd like to be able to go "silent", so just kill the power to the 12v power supply to do that?  Or do you do this in software typically?

Also, I know I'm missing things like shakers but not too interested in that, BUT I've heard of others using something called DMX strobe?  Looks cool in videos I've seen on youtube, I just don't know what that is, or how it works.  I'm also not putting in strobes near top of playfield, I feel those will blow out the display too much.  Perhaps I should get some and attach them on the back, or top or something?

Any advice is much appreciated - even more so if it's good advice!!  ;)








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