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Vectorization Alternates or help - vector magic failing me


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I'm on the last stage of my artwork...

I'm okay at making vectors in PS, but I'm not an artist and I have just one final element to finish my cab - a castle as seen on the front of Bubble Symphony box.

I've actually found the below vectorization of it, but the artist has only posted the JPEG and is unresponsive to my messages (which is unsurprising since it's from 2009).

I've tried myself and it looks totally naff, and Vector Magic gets close but not close enough to work with the rest of the artwork (too jagged)

So, are there any alternatives to Vector Magic, or would anyone is is good with vectors fancy lending me a hand!?

It's literally the last element I need for my side art so it's driving me nuts and I've totally hit a brick wall!!




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