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  1. Still not seeing it. Maybe something to do with viewing on mobile?? Will check on a desktop later Sent from my Mi A1 using Tapatalk
  2. Only just spotted this thread and great news on a new release! When I click the links in the first post however I get link doesn't exist - have the files moved? Sent from my Mi A1 using Tapatalk
  3. Ah, that explains it. Be useful if it told you that anywhere on the page!! Nevermind! Sent from my Mi A1 using Tapatalk
  4. @griffin518 just tried downloading your best of Mame XML and i get a "you are not allowed to download that file" error - any ideas?
  5. Thanks mate! New baby isn't quite here yet but all the manic prep has been! Getting a new job in the run up hadn't been my brightest idea yet either I'm hoping to get this polished off over the next few days! I went for split as was finding issues with merged (missing files etc probably through over vigorous cleanup), but I've decided now to (ideally) just keep the full set, and limit using the hyperspin display. That way updating the set should be easier moving forwards than the setup I ended up with which seemed essentially customer and a mammoth effort to update With everything going on tho I'm really looking for the quickest way to get to the endpoint right now and easy to maintain as well! Sent from my Mi A1 using Tapatalk
  6. Hi guys, I know this has been ages but house move and new baby has got in the way of my finishing my project. I have an old set that I manually shifted through to create my current set of clones worth playing along with all other 'good' roms for mame. I now wish to update to the latest version of mame (0.193) and, hopefully simply, get a working set of mame games that work with x setup (in my case, 8 (+2 side) buttons, trackball, 2 joys and including light gun since some work okay with trackball) and include the clones that are worth keeping. I have split rom set and merged chd if that makes any difference The first bit is easy enough with a load of tools out there at the moment but can anybody help provide a step by step on how to go from a complete set to a hyperlist for the above?! Thanks!
  7. That's missing some key points in the process tho, namely where to populate the files from...
  8. @newoski could you perhaps post a step by step guide of how you do it? I think that would be helpful for me and possibly others!
  9. I'm hoping that @phantasy can take this all and put together a guide as I'm a little bit confused right now! Isn't the hard part getting the lists in the first place?
  10. Amazing - where can we get this tool?! A step by step would still be useful (including this tool!)
  11. Hey @phantasy good to see you around! Funnily enough I had to put things on hold due to a house move (tho it's dragging on longer than i'd like) but hope to hit this up again soon. I would certainly value an update as I'll likely use the latest Mame set when I do get going! I'd also love a step by step of how you get there if you wouldnt mind doing it as you go along, so that when the next mame update comes I can keep revisiting to update my set!! I went through totally manually before (if you can be bothered check out my updates in the original thread), but just don't have the time these days so a step by step on how to do (and update and exsiting setup) would be amazing!! Thank you (in advance)
  12. Is there any more detail on the software list stuff anywhere? Presumably a lot of that already exists in my other rom sets?
  13. Okay, great, thanks I'll grab the split set.
  14. So. i'm looking at grabbing the 184. non-merged. But... do i want non-merged?! Or do i want split... What's the difference?! I also see Software List Roms and just Roms...?? Also, seems that CHD's only come merged?
  15. Ah gees, my head is hurting. Is there any chance someone could write a step by step of going from a full XML to the 2700 odd games mentioned above INCLUDING what tools to use and where? The XML i've downloaded from above appears to be working with the rom set i have and is giving me a list of games which seem to be working, but now i'm questioning whether i've done something majorly wrong...
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