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AIO Arcade Control Panel


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Hi guys.  I have been toying around with an idea and was hoping to get some suggestions.  I have a full sized MAME cabinet that I built from scratch and it turned out great!  But unfortunately in my new house I just don't really have the room for a full size unit any more.  I am thinking about selling my cabinet to fund a new project.  My idea is to make a simple 2 player control panel with maybe a trackball in the middle (similar to the control panel I already have).  Then stuff a mini ITX MOBO inside the panel its self.  I would then be able to plug it into power and plug a HDMI cable into a TV and be ready to game!  I plan to make it a small as possible to make it portable.  I also plan to use onboard graphics to reduce heat and leave more room inside.  Let me know what you guys think!



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