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  1. Arcade Package - Cab Plans, Blueprints and Loads more https://mega.nz/#F!LIwyRSYC!1As3upYnXzOpaxDBYQRF1g
  2. Finished the wrap of the laminate, just waiting of the new top as the old one was warped
  3. This is turning out to be the slowest build ever! Finally got round to getting the box art done applied and buttons wired, just need to configure it all now. Blanking plate for far side is done add coin button and added lamante on the sides to match the original Just waiting for the t moulding to be delivered then its done
  4. Thats one nice made kit, it could of come from Ikea! top finish, love the art
  5. Looking good!! Love the engraved perspex, was thinking of painting a piece black then get it engraved for my marquee ? this is one of my favorite builds so far!!
  6. Cool, a little more space between the buttons maybe ? you got plenty room to do that
  7. Theres loads of "pi" setup's that are plug and play, that's the way I would go for a micro set up
  8. Attached control box to the cab this morning so i could get the brackets attached then I can paint, looks a bit odd atm but when painted and wrapped will look cool I hope
  9. My bartop is all 16mm the only problem is trying to get a t-mould slot cut and fitting the t-mould without splitting the mdf, other than that there's not many other problems
  10. Ordered my controls for the cocktail cab I am building so I got the button too, I was a bit bulkier than i thought it would be but does the job fantastic
  11. Update, Been laid up for few months with a ruptured disk in my back causing me to lose the feeling in one leg but getting back on track and start back at work this week I ventured into the garage to start assembling the custom control box jq_quint designed before christmas, was too cold so I brought it all into the kitchen. Still missing a few buttons and I am looking to add a spinner to the front panel at some point but really happy with it. I managed to get a set of legs but no cabinet attachments so I ordered a set of scaffold base clamps and they fit nice Just need to think on either re-chrome or paint the legs black? The original lid is slightly warped so jq_quint is making me a new one with a bigger cutout for a 19 lcd screen and t-moulding Bought a pair of Pioneer 400 Watts 10 cm 3 Way speakers just need a reasonable two way amp to power them and there will be fitted to the bottom of the cab Going forward I am concentrating on the shell trying to get that ready for vinyl wrapping then assemble the rest....
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