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Sega Mega Drive Japan

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Hello evryone,


I post this topic because i got a problem to add in hyperhq the sega mega drive japan.

I've already got sega mega drive (PAL), sega genesis (US) but what must i do in order to add a new system for sega mega drive japan ?



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Wellcome, @lecommandant78

So, first open HyperHQ.exe and chose this tab


After that click on the + icon


Than you go to this window


Put the name of the system in your case " Sega Mega Drive (Japan)", and click on next

After that u will see this window


In your case choose "Does this menu item have a sub wheel?" click yes (because you have games inside this whell)

Afert that you will see this


Choose where the system will be

Than click on "Add Before/Add After", "OK", "Next" and done the system will be add

You can configure your system on this tab



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