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Syncing media for only selected roms


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Good Morning,

I have searched and found a few posts on this, but didn't seem to find a clear answer (apologies if there is one already).

I just SYNC'ed MAME media last night, and it took 8 hours and downloaded 20gb of media.

I have the storage, but I do not want to keep downloading this much media for each system I add.

How to I direct HyperSync to only sync the media for the ROMS I have on my system?

Hope this is an easy one,



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I'm not to hot on HyperSync so not sure if there is a tick button for this.

i believe it syncs to the xml database you have.

what you could do is back up your current xmls then use Don's tools filter list. Order your xml by roms you have save them to output list and create the filtered xml

put that in your database folder and then use sync.

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4 hours ago, rdm190 said:

I believe you are correct, you have to manipulate the XML.

I guess I was foolishly hoping there was a better way. So every time I add a game, edit the XML and re-sync....

I guess so or just do a full sync then when you add games media is there. Not all games on all systems have media though

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