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    Dual Monitor Cab

    Looks real nice finished off. Great job
  2. thatman84

    Dual Monitor Cab

    Thanks for the detailed update. Appreciated. I really like the way you done the bottom/side panels build....Seems a simplier way to build, little less material waste maybe and looks cool.
  3. thatman84

    Extra 3D cases for PS1

    Nice to see you post again Aorin. Decent looking covers mate. 👍
  4. thatman84

    Hypersync cannot verify membership

    No worries, hopefully it dont break soon and so frosty gets more time on better things If your syncing can you test a couple of files please? Reported corrupt here I currently dont have a working PC
  5. thatman84

    Where’s Ninja2bceen?

    I cant watch it man....its to much of a tease!!! I want aimtraks and a pc setup sooo bad lol Just thinking that you should update this threads title to reflect the tutorial nature. Also know one is wondering Where you are these days, your everywhere 😂😂
  6. thatman84


    This will be the home for OpenBOR discussion . It will be my side project and next wheel. i did have a little play a while back but @Honosuseri inspired me to start again fresh. posted over at the official forum to see if the issues are likely to get some time from the devs http://www.chronocrash.com/forum/index.php?board=2.0 Current Issues Written below but better explained in this video. 1. Launching "direct to game" from Hyperspin (HS) wheel only supports 1 .pak file in the "PAK" games folder. When you have more than 1 game (.pak) in the "PAK" folder you will arrive at the OpenBOR game select list when launching any game from the HS wheel, then reselect the game you want to launch. 2. Controls are not intuitive and the touchscreen overlay is needed for things like exit. (Controlled by right thumb stick cursor) 3. Player 2 controls on Shield TV are not recognised as a seperate controller. Therefore broken (needs more testing) May require 3rd party app to reprogram buttons as keyboard keys. See this tasker profile by @BiZzAr721for changing keyboard see thread linked lower down for more details OpenBOR_Keyboard_Select.prf.xml Setup Details Grab up to date apk's from here https://github.com/DCurrent/openbor/releases/tag/v4583 Extract the release build and get the debug-apk from the Android folder. Games They all (I think) come as a .pak file and for now should be located on the default an local storage OpenBOR PAK folder. Below are the details for your Hyperspin OpenBOR.ini settings file ……............................................................... rompath=/storage/emulated/0/OpenBOR/Paks exe=org.openbor.engine/org.libsdl.app.SDLActivity romextension=pak,PAK .................................................................... Another thread with tasker info from @BiZzAr721 and @badhemi i will edit this post with setup details as and when I have time. Chip in to get us started as my time is very limited until my wreck of a house is sorted ?
  7. thatman84

    The Bliss-Box 4-play Thread!

    Or Ninjaz hype man! Description has setup tips
  8. thatman84

    Correct bezel pack for mame android?

    I can’t actuall remember if that set had Retroarch configs made. to be fair you will need to adjust your settings for each Retroarch core to point at the bezel image cfg file anyway, so may be easier just to make them yourself. also the unified set covers triple the systems android can run anyway. i have a post aboutbatch creating text files like overlay configs in here somewhere how many systems you putting bezels on? And how many of those use the same Retroarch core?
  9. thatman84


    Hi chaps, its great to see some OpenBOR work going on and fingers crossed someone can update the android app to include the cli launching feature. I am in between setups right now as lots of DIY on the go. I had an ask about and it seems the thread below is this communities best offering into OpenBOR games lost setups. It was done in 2014 so not sure how much help it would be. If you want to get setup over here for projects like artwork and things I would suggest making a thread in the relevant sub forums. There are not many artwork creators about right now but it’s the best way to find them good luck and please keep us updated if your work completes away from the forum.
  10. thatman84

    Site Update and Downtime

    Sync is working now
  11. thatman84

    Hypersync cannot verify membership

    HyperSync is back live again thanks to the blank stares of @fr0stbyt3
  12. thatman84

    Hypersync cannot verify membership

    @fr0stbyt3 is currently looking at the code. Hopefully he is not just blankly starring fingers crossed
  13. thatman84

    Hypersync cannot verify membership

    Not sure yet. The guys should be waking up soon....will give them a nudge for some more info
  14. thatman84

    Site Update and Downtime

    I believe so...There has been no word from Jhabers or Fr0sty about a fix yet. they did find a problem on Thursday I think just no solution yet
  15. Welcome back! Not read the thread yet but glad you remembered it and carried on check out planet geekdom on YouTube he has videos on the subjects you requested. @ninja2bceen also Chuck is awesome. Very organised with his ulrimarc vids and that spreadsheet for buttons!
  16. thatman84

    Hyperbase access

    Who knows, I guess life just gets in the way. Hyperspin is 10yrs+ now and BBB is still going! I believe Avar suggested people make there artwork in as big canvas/quality as possible and save it for the future. as for compatibility with the future you really won’t find those answers yet.
  17. thatman84

    Hyperbase access

    Not sure about RocketLauncher but I believe Djvj just setup a Discord channel and doesn’t have all his servers setup for dev work because of moving house or something like that. I’m sure it will continue in the future. Hyperbase has evolved in the background and is being worked on but there’s no eta for release. Hyperspin 1.5.1 (windows 10 fix) is latest and will probably stay like that for the foreseeable unless windows does anything to it again. Widescreen stuff won’t change until Hyperspin gets its long awaited facelift....again no eta on that. i would suggest you don’t hold on but maybe do anything you have on your list first, if that makes sense?
  18. thatman84

    Please help, just want to add 1 rom to HS

    FYi it does not need to go at the bottom. You can slot it into the R section of games for easy letter search later on
  19. thatman84

    My Arcade Cab

    I like the control panel layout with the extra button below....Whats the plan for that button? Many people suggest having the six button layout offset rather than flat is is better for most games and you natural finger placement. Love the full CRT man and rhe artwork is reall nice Following this project
  20. thatman84

    Commodore Amiga XML complete with year, genre etc)

    Be sure to check the last page for the latest up date. The OP is not up to date iirc
  21. I wouldn’t delete them. Could be a path issue. check in settings>directory>Joypad Profiles Then go to online Updater and update them
  22. Hyperspin Android ScummVM with RetroArch Credits JLeaver Norkusa reznnate badhemi sting honosuseri sanchezmike01 aftermath17 Pouteur krater9 What is it? ScummVM is a program which allows you to run certain classic graphical point-and-click adventure games, provided you already have their data files. The clever part about this: ScummVM just replaces the executables shipped with the games, allowing you to play them on systems for which they were never designed! Assets and Links Latest ScummVM release at time of posting Dec 17, 2017: ScummVM 2.0. Diskmach Updated Database ScummVM 2.1 Latest HyperSpin database ScummVM 1.8 Working RetroArch core at time of posting scummvm 2.0.0 93d1ca1 Location of current core How to setup... Grab these setup files as they will be needed. (Includes the Android XML and "Official" XML databases) Follow this guide to set up RetroArch ScummVM core directly Get your games and place them in folders named after this spreadsheet OR download the above setup files and create folders for them (with help of the below guide) Follow this guide to setup the folder structure for Hyperspin Android "folder trick" Use the below ini file settings for reference and add the system to your Hyperspin wheel as any other exe=com.retroarch/com.retroarch.browser.retroactivity.RetroActivityFuture romextension=scummvm parameters=cores/scummvm_libretro_android.so Run Hypersync with the NON android xml as its not compatible with sync. The progress sheet below was adopted on the RetroArch documentaion and holds all my findings. I did duplicate 1 game to aid with android setup I created a "simon" folder for the Simon the Sorcerer's Puzzle Pack as all the games are in one folder. Backup of Working Core scummvm_libretro_android.so.zip Helpful Links https://github.com/scummvm/scummvm/tree/master/dists/engine-data https://www.scummvm.org/ https://www.scummvm.org/compatibility/2.0.0/ http://wiki.scummvm.org/index.php/Datafiles
  23. thatman84

    Looking for some advise on a project

    Also check out this similar project FTP wise its hard to say. Iirc uploads have been closed a long while but there is some random stuff there. Everytging is fairly messy these days. Its all just grown into a beast over the years!
  24. I have some guides in the forum about the ini files. Also the pinned post has all the main emulator parameters and exe lines. the above post gives you what you need.....There are a few choices for Arcade games mame4droid and Retroarch mame2016 core are fine for most things
  25. thatman84

    Question for Bill or dev team...

    I should have an answer to this soon unless anyone else knows