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  1. All working bere from your link Unless the files are broken. Downloaded fine
  2. On your shield use a file manage app like FX or xplore Use that to locate the hard drive ID. Is a long random number (3492872623928) Your rompath will be storage/3492872623928/Hyperspin/Roms/PS2 for example
  3. I just tested on my phone ok. Ra 1.7.7 iirc snes9x 1.60. Played a couple of laps of mushroom cup 100cc Try different cores. Maybe try renaming you retroarch-core-options.cfg to see if anything there is killing it. Same with retroarch.cfg. back the up 1st
  4. That should be correct. (The image you uploaded cuts off the last folder /roms??) The rompath works in conjunction with the file extensions. Make sure you have the extention of you game files added also.
  5. HS android is very limited in hardware. Really just the Nvidia Shield devices or Tegra devices. There is a thread around here of someone hacking it to work on a Pixel device from memory. That seemed a very difficult thing to do
  6. I have been following the RL discord chat, looking forward to the video. You have one hell of a monitor setup my friend. 😀
  7. Things have been a little slow this year. I expect people just get busy with other things. Circo is a top helper with backend forum stuff but he went and broke his leg a few weeks ago. !
  8. Here you go https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1-8Ofa_GrAdnQ22nf7W7QYVeQoKBQxA_-
  9. Thank you for letting everyone know about this Hono
  10. thatman84

    Box Art

    That’s probably right. Extract the theme.xml from the default.zip. it will have lines defining positions, timings and animations for artworks 1-4. if the zip has artwork images (likely Artwork1) then that image will react to the xml settings. Not the artwork in the Artwork folders. if the xml has no lines of code relating to Artwork 1-4 that are not images in the default.zip then box art is not setup. compare different theme.xmls from other default.zipsfor other systems
  11. No Official comment will be said on this because of the history and time passed.
  12. Went looking for that last night. Cant find it. Sure I backed it up
  13. I cant confirm it works yet but it looks like it may work(on my phone) Super tired right now. Wit *.so files not zip Grabbed a Hatari core from user Brent in RA forums some time ago and from the online updater tonight. Used the Install or Restore option on brents core and went to load core. It showed hatari_libretro_android.so I deleted this core in Information-Core Information, remove from disk option. Downloaded Hatari core from online updater and proceeded to swap between the 2 by deleting and re installing each time Online updater core with build number Custom installed core You can see both show the correct "friendly" core name. I expect this is left over from installing the core from the buildbot.
  14. I need to test this out!!!! But it’s sleep time for me. comment from HunterK “No, cores are tougher due to Google’s “security” measures. They always need to live in the /data/data/com.retroarch/cores directory, but you can sideload them without root by placing the *.so library in your RetroArch/downloads directory and then go to load core > install a core and it will pick up any libs in that dir and copy them to the right location.”
  15. Generally the premium artwork section gains more negative comments than positive. Its been there a long time. Its all speculation so its best to keep that to a minimum...
  16. Check out some of Planet Geekdoms videos on youtube. You may be able to do something with the favourites/genre lists. Surely a standard setup with a Favourites list for each system would be the least time consuming to do. Just an extra button step to get at those fav games Or go full on with the nested wheel setup and hypersearch 3rd party apps. Just to confirm you want a Main Menu structured like this:- All Systems-> Snes, NES,MAME....etc -> All games for the system Snes Favourites -> Top 20 games Nes Favourites -> Top 20 games MAME Favourites -> Top 20 games
  17. I would rather it go off topic than monitoring another HS dev thread Nintendo all within their rights to do all those things and I get the zero tolerance thing but most of it seems over the top!
  18. Surely the RL module notes cover it
  19. Doubt there’s any major problems. Non-merged is just a larger set with all bios/parent ROMs needed for a game included each games zip. Larger size because of all the duplication but the list of game zips is the same as split. You should prolly wait for someone to comment that has actually set up both and tested extensively as I have not.
  20. It’s basically a file list (.index-extended) and the cores in a folder afaik. See this post from Radius at libretro https://forums.libretro.com/t/local-webserver-for-custom-core-updates/6683/2?u=thatman84
  21. If things pan out I will have a word with the admins about getting this rolled out or at least more visible. Theres probably some improvements to the Beetle HW core in 64 bit. I remember the RA mods mentioned it Edit: i tried to test it yesterday but I migrated my roms to NAS and now it wont launch ps1. Have to fix that 1st
  22. FYI theres a pretty simple way to create a local webserver to update your cores from a LAN pc. Just need apache and a index-extended file. I wrote a guide somewhere and a user at libretro forum did also with a quicker method. Tbf all these issues are only a problem for very few people. Zerojay is solving some cool stuff, if he gets to the CONFIGFILE mod that would be cool. I will move that apk alongside the official DL if so
  23. I really dont know anything about HyperPin but in Hyperspin you can add .mp3 files to the sounds folder. Does Hyperpin have a similar folder structure?
  24. I feel the same but with this topic I understand why the devs wont be doing that until its real. To much history now for that.
  25. As stated above this is a custom unit with a hard drive using the non-commercial Hyperspin software. I understand your coming from a decent place but our forum rules prevent these topics from continuing. I would suggest looking at ebay for comparisons but be aware selling something with copy righted games may be a legal problem in your location.
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