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Game not showing in Hyperspin wheel


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I have installed hyperspin with Rocketlauncher and have a set of 4 roms that have been found and I am able to launch in Rocket launcher. I can also launch the roms from Hyperspin wheel with no filters.

However when I put a wheel filter in Hyperspin HQ to only show "Roms Only" some of the games do not show in the wheel. I have downloaded a new MAME.xml from the hyperspin site and placed it in the Databases/MAME folder but it still does not make a difference.


How do I get the roms to show with the "Roms Only" filter on. I dont want to have to scroll through thousands of games when I only have a few roms.

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Roms only is a filter that needs a path and extension defined in the settings file for your wheels.

If you find Mame.ini in your Hyperspin/settings folder.

You can add a Roms Path and then extensions of your games separated by a , 


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