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  1. Cant see the harm in it. I have always tried to label my uploads with the aspect ratios. Might make a return to the scene one day, still making a new mini pinball cabinet. Just not up to the software side of things yet. Hope y'all are well.
  2. What I was saying earlier if you go into your Primary Setup (On the Shared PC) Share both your HyperSpin and Rocketlauncher Folders, be sure to set them as Write Access as I think it will be needed. Then change the Hyperspin Core Settings.ini file located in Hyperspin/Settings to set the Hyperlaunch/Rocketlauncher Path to the Rocketlauncher share network path where Computername is the PC Name of the shared location. Hyperlaunch_Path=\\Computername\RocketLauncher\RocketLauncher.exe You will also I think then have to tell Rocketlauncher where to find Hyperspin. Which you can via the Frontends.ini file located in Rocketlauncher/RocketlauncherUI/Settings Folder. You will see a section for Hyperspin as a Front End. Change that similar to the above but to the Hyperspin Share. [Hyperspin] Path=\\Computername\HyperSpin\HyperSpin.exe RLUI_Plugin=HyperSpin RL_Plugin=HyperSpin All that being said I havn't tested that and Not sure if they will accept a network path over a local path.
  3. Depending on your Rocketlauncher setup sometimes you need to install a Font for Fade in Info to work (Which is found in the Rocketlauncher/Media/Fonts Folder), well unless you change to to something that is default to Windows. And Rocketlauncher also needs .net Framework 2.0 I think. Hyperspin is pretty chill with no-prerequisites that I can remember.
  4. Not sure if you could change the path(s) to be towards the network share for all parties. Hyperspin/Settings/Settings.ini Hyperlaunch_Path=\\Computername\RocketLauncher\RocketLauncher.exe Rocketlauncher/RocketlauncherUI/Settings/Frontends.ini [Hyperspin] Path=\\Computername\HyperSpin\HyperSpin.exe RLUI_Plugin=HyperSpin RL_Plugin=HyperSpin etc. Let us know how you go and if you find a way as it would be nice to be able to run it off other machines. You will of course need to install a couple of things prior to launch but still nice to share a single collection.
  5. Sounds like you need to check your keymapping. To start make sure you know what buttons your J-PAC are mapped to. Simple way to do this is bringing up a Virtual On-screen Keyboard in windows, then push the buttons on your arcade sticks and see what keys light up. Then head into your HyperHQ program and then set your keys accordingly. Once you know what your keys are doing try again. As you aren't getting an error about no XML files it sounds like your database is ready to go.
  6. Also make sure your settings are ok. I found that when I had a special art set where length=0 it crashed the entire application.
  7. Can you install Windows in a Raspberry Pie 3. This will be your answer.
  8. Can't Plex servers be accessed via websites? So you could use a specific webhook/link to just use a browser in fullscreen?
  9. I dont have an Adobe Suite installed on my new PC, else conversion to swf would not be that difficult. However you will probably loose a lot of quality like the backgrounds in some of the themes I attempted.
  10. Hehe its an acronym for Find And Replace Text.
  11. A simple search would of yielded you a plethora of similar posts with answers. If you are really concerned just don't copy over HyperHQ or Hypertheme .. simple.
  12. Sounds like there might be an issue with the folder structure. Be sure they are all in the right location. Nintendo Game Boy/Video Nintendo Game Boy/Themes etc.
  13. Sorry @Aorin not sure on that one. Might be possible with a custom script/macro setup.
  14. There is a wait for video option. Which will wait for the video to complete before spinning.
  15. Very Special Thanks to @Kondorito for helping me with my crashing issue. It seems that my Special Artwork Layer A1 was not directly causing the crash, but it was with the the settings.ini for each of the systems where Length was set as 0. Adjusting this to anything > 0 seems to fix the crash. [Special Art A] default=false active=true x=512 y=384 in=0 out=0 length=1 delay=0 type=none start=none Not sure why this was only crashing when 1.5.1 came into play, but here we are. Soo if you are using my 8Bitdo Special Artwork Layers or my Retro Cafe Theme and your system is also crashing, adjust each of your length=0 settings to the above.
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