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  1. Bungles

    Hyperspin not showing themes or videos

    Sounds like there might be an issue with the folder structure. Be sure they are all in the right location. Nintendo Game Boy/Video Nintendo Game Boy/Themes etc.
  2. Bungles

    Video Snaps not played until end

    Sorry @Aorin not sure on that one. Might be possible with a custom script/macro setup.
  3. Bungles

    Video Snaps not played until end

    There is a wait for video option. Which will wait for the video to complete before spinning.
  4. Bungles

    HyperSpin 1.5.1 Public Release

    Very Special Thanks to @Kondorito for helping me with my crashing issue. It seems that my Special Artwork Layer A1 was not directly causing the crash, but it was with the the settings.ini for each of the systems where Length was set as 0. Adjusting this to anything > 0 seems to fix the crash. [Special Art A] default=false active=true x=512 y=384 in=0 out=0 length=1 delay=0 type=none start=none Not sure why this was only crashing when 1.5.1 came into play, but here we are. Soo if you are using my 8Bitdo Special Artwork Layers or my Retro Cafe Theme and your system is also crashing, adjust each of your length=0 settings to the above.
  5. Bungles

    Adding PC Game to the wheel???

    PC Games.xml As for media I don't really have a pack or a spot on the FTP (Also internet is garbage) http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/profile/134558-bungles/?do=content&type=downloads_file&change_section=1 However if ya run through my uploaded content almost all the Media is in there. Others have also made a lot of media but unfortunately they have different wheel templates. If you wanted to work on a pack you are more than welcome to re-use any of the content, but PC Games varies from player to player and situation. As I just run Hyperspin on my Main PC I add lots of titles not suited to arcade cabinets. But maybe suited to Couch and TV users also.. Maybe one day they will be added to the HyperBase/sync/live thingymabob.
  6. Bungles

    Adding PC Game to the wheel???

    I can send you my database and you can just fill in the gaps? Add more etc. I don't think ROM Only settings work but you can Enable/disable them I think in the wheel to hide what you dont have, or leave it there if you want extra media I have themed my entire database (I Think) so if you need wheel art, themes and videos just check my uploads. 176 Titles so far I think.
  7. Bungles

    Adding PC Game to the wheel???

    Probably easiest just doing it manually to be fair, once you get in the rhythm its not that bad. Seen people just use txt files also and don's creator.
  8. Bungles

    Rotate Screen 90 or 270 degrees

    Is it upside down in Windows? IE has the screen actually been installed upside down? If so rotate the screen in windows by 180 degrees, it might fix your issue. In windows 7 you can press CTRL+ALT and then the down arrow. Or you can do it with display settings for your graphics card configs. In windows 10 you can set your Orientation to Landscape Flipped.
  9. Bungles

    Goodbye HyperSpin, you were once my favorite FE...

    You said your goodbyes.. But then come back to hit up everyone that replies with a difference in opinion? Edit by Admin: Not helpful @Bungles lets not inflame things....opinions are ok here as are replies to questions
  10. Bungles

    Rotate Screen 90 or 270 degrees

    Would you not just rotate the orientation of Windows?
  11. Bungles

    Run command line on Hyperspin Exit?

    You sure can. 😃
  12. Bungles

    HyperSpin 1.5.1 Public Release

    So it turns out it was one of my Special artwork files which was causing the crash. The underlay/border I modified. Not sure as to why its causing the crash however as it was working fine prior to the 1.5 upgrade. If the Devs want to do some troubleshooting another Special Art Project I posted here also seems to crash Hyperspin. It might be one of the settings/effects used, but still to tinker with it. PS. Sorry to any out there using this artwork and are also having issues.
  13. Bungles

    My Arcade Cab

    An actual CRT.. nice.
  14. Bungles

    [WIP] Download Section Clean Up

    Sorry I think I was to blame for few of those main menu themes.
  15. Bungles

    Main Menu Background music

    For the Main Menu Themes its.. \Media\Main Menu\Sound\Background Music\*.mp3 Remember to make sure they are named perfectly with case sensitivity a thing.