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  1. Cant see the harm in it. I have always tried to label my uploads with the aspect ratios. Might make a return to the scene one day, still making a new mini pinball cabinet. Just not up to the software side of things yet. Hope y'all are well.
  2. Hehe its an acronym for Find And Replace Text.
  3. Very Special Thanks to @Kondorito for helping me with my crashing issue. It seems that my Special Artwork Layer A1 was not directly causing the crash, but it was with the the settings.ini for each of the systems where Length was set as 0. Adjusting this to anything > 0 seems to fix the crash. [Special Art A] default=false active=true x=512 y=384 in=0 out=0 length=1 delay=0 type=none start=none Not sure why this was only crashing when 1.5.1 came into play, but here we are. Soo if you are using my 8Bitdo Special Artwork Layers or my Retro Cafe Theme and your system is also crashing, adjust each of your length=0 settings to the above.
  4. You said your goodbyes.. But then come back to hit up everyone that replies with a difference in opinion? Edit by Admin: Not helpful @Bungles lets not inflame things....opinions are ok here as are replies to questions
  5. So it turns out it was one of my Special artwork files which was causing the crash. The underlay/border I modified. Not sure as to why its causing the crash however as it was working fine prior to the 1.5 upgrade. If the Devs want to do some troubleshooting another Special Art Project I posted here also seems to crash Hyperspin. It might be one of the settings/effects used, but still to tinker with it. PS. Sorry to any out there using this artwork and are also having issues.
  6. Sorry I think I was to blame for few of those main menu themes.
  7. Well I have done some tinkering but still cant get it to work. Looked through settings file to find abnormalities.. tried moving and changing media.. nada. I have tried the default.zip theme in my other version and it loads fine.. Its very strange, may be HDD corruption perhaps. Log just shows. 03:40:18 PM | HyperSpin Started 03:40:18 PM | Going FullScreen 03:40:18 PM | Checking for updates 03:40:18 PM | Update Check Complete 03:40:18 PM | Startup program unavailable 03:40:19 PM | Playing intro video 03:40:20 PM | Error intializing joysticks 03:40:20 PM | Menu Mode is multi 03:40:20 PM | Loading Main Menu.xml 03:40:20 PM | Main Menu.xml successfully loaded Then it will stop responding. I will just rebuild a new version and see how I go.
  8. So I upgraded my PC which required me to re-install Windows 10, and I was finally stricken with the inability to launch HS. Downloaded the 1.5.1 Update and its working for my default setup fine. But... when I launch the version using my Retro Cafe Default theme layout it crashes. I will try and figure out what element is causing the error and report in.
  9. Thanks for the run down. Well perhaps they can look to add more xml display options in the future release like the Description, Year and Developer currently. Score, Synopsis, Players etc would be great.
  10. Great to see you back @dark13. Would love to know how that synopsis artwork file works.. It the last piece of my HS Puzzle and I am sure many others.
  11. Well to be honest I haven't paid for Hyperspin... I was blessed to be able to access things simply by giving back. I find it still to be an amazing piece of software with so many possibilities still to be unlocked. I am in no rush to move on, as it works. It works fast, and I can customize to the way I want not just have something the same as everyone else. Sure there are a heap of features it could have to bring it forward for more simple platforms and walks of life. But its not targeted at people without at least some cognitive capacity and willingness to learn.
  12. I made a similar mistake on some of my first widescreen themes. If the video preview is native widescreen. You will need to set the video element in Hypertheme to "Force Both Aspects" and set them to Width = 480 and Height = 360. It should then stretch back to be the right size.
  13. I think it needs more people to be honest. Its not a job that's achievable really alone I don't think, unless its a full time job which is not fair to you @thatman84 I am always offering my services if you want where we can target specific areas and really get a hold on it. I would be nice to one day have the website and sync tools working in parallel.
  14. Oh its nothing "Bad" its just a theme here and there that are in weird places.
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