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Error Launching Trials Frontier from HyperSpin wheel

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Hi all, I’m running HS on a Nvidia Shield and have everything running nicely. I recently decided to create an ‘Android’ wheel for my natively installed Android games, so all games, emulated or otherwise can be launched from HS. I have a few games on the wheel now all running fine (Zen Pinball, Snowboard Party and a couple of others) but I’m struggling I get Trials Frontier to launch, here is the entry from my Android.xml database/games list:


Trials Frontier




The app name is definitely correct, checked against the Play Store and the Apps list on my Shield, but when I try to launch it from HS it says something like “error, invalid app: com.ubisoft.redlynx.trialsfrontier.ggp”


Has anyone else got this working or know what else I could check?






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