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Ultra widebody pinball with 48" playfield possibly???

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Hi there!

I´d like to build a virtual pinball with a 48" Samsung screen...

... because I have an empty pinball cabinet from "Gottlieb": Mars - God of War --> http://tinyurl.com/nc3lm3e

This cabinet is an extrem widebdody:

The playfield measures ~ 24.01 inches (= 61cm)

The complete cabinet wide is ~ 25.59 inches (= 65cm)

I tried to fit in my Samsung 46" (!) ... BUT I can throw it COMPLETELY (with original case) (!) INTO the cabinet...

... and still have ~1cm space on both sides :facepalm: I did not like the look very much... --> http://tinyurl.com/lfnjwwk

What if I buy a new 48" Samsung and decase it? --> It is ~24.80 inches (= 63cm) wide WITH it´s case... How small it will become, if I decase it???????

I am sure it would be much nicer!!!!! --> http://tinyurl.com/qggbxja

I am a little bit confused, that I can´t find an existing 48" pinball cab....

Do I miss something??? Will it work fine? What do you think???

Thanks for advice, regards, Andy :beer:

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Hey Luckydogg420!

Thanks for the input!

I would love to insert the playfield from above:

a) I like the idea, that I could remove the playfield easily ( I don´t want to "nail" it inside the cab) ----> I could access all the parts inside the cab, e.g. PC, Speakers, etc.

B) If I decase the tv, it is easier to have the original plunger and the buttons in a fine height (not too low installed).

Regards, Andy :tee:

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... I have seen a pinball cab where the owner inserted the playfield from above:

It was a little bit tricky and he had to cut into the wood on one side a little bit more.

Then he could insert the playfield first with a special angle on ONE side, and then on the other side...

I can´t find the post anymore... Does anybody has a link to this project...???? (I thougt it was a builder in Germany !?)

Thanks, Andy :-)

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