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  1. thx for the hopefull words :-) Does vp now take advantages from using "high end" hardware (like quad core pc) ... ... or does vp has still limits, so that "core 2" hardware is still the "best" solution ???
  2. ... thank you all for sharing your knowledge!!! does anybody know, if vp 10 will run "extra fine" under win7 / new hardware ???? I wonder about what hardware to buy... (I thought "core 2" was fine for vp untill now...???!!!?) .... and I wonder if I should go for win7 ( more than 4gb ram !) instead of xp but the "code" from vp was made for xp...
  3. thank you for your answers! my original cab has also "a lot of" openings in the bottom... so I will go for 1 additional fan IN (near to the human player) and 3 OUT fans in the back... I think that will make it - I will go for a cab with "only" LED flashers - but no contactors / shakers etc. thx
  4. A lot of cab builders have 3 fans in the back of the cab. Are the two fans in the cabinet for the intake of cold air and the one fan in the backbox for the outtake of warm air??? But that would not be really symmetrical, isn´t it (two "in" and only one "out") ???? But if so... is there enough cooling for the front part of the cabinet, e.g. the monitor especially in the front of the cab????? OR are all 3 fans for the outtake (warm air OUT of the cab) ??? Thx for advice, Launch_14
  5. ... I have seen a pinball cab where the owner inserted the playfield from above: It was a little bit tricky and he had to cut into the wood on one side a little bit more. Then he could insert the playfield first with a special angle on ONE side, and then on the other side... I can´t find the post anymore... Does anybody has a link to this project...???? (I thougt it was a builder in Germany !?) Thanks, Andy :-)
  6. .... mmmhhhh... I wonder if other cab builders "nail" or "glue" or "fix" their playfield monitor into the cab with no easy way to take it out again some day...???
  7. Hey Luckydogg420! Thanks for the input! I would love to insert the playfield from above: a) I like the idea, that I could remove the playfield easily ( I don´t want to "nail" it inside the cab) ----> I could access all the parts inside the cab, e.g. PC, Speakers, etc. If I decase the tv, it is easier to have the original plunger and the buttons in a fine height (not too low installed). Regards, Andy
  8. Hi there! I´d like to build a virtual pinball with a 48" Samsung screen... ... because I have an empty pinball cabinet from "Gottlieb": Mars - God of War --> http://tinyurl.com/nc3lm3e This cabinet is an extrem widebdody: The playfield measures ~ 24.01 inches (= 61cm) The complete cabinet wide is ~ 25.59 inches (= 65cm) I tried to fit in my Samsung 46" (!) ... BUT I can throw it COMPLETELY (with original case) (!) INTO the cabinet... ... and still have ~1cm space on both sides I did not like the look very much... --> http://tinyurl.com/lfnjwwk What if I buy a new 48" Samsung and decase it? --> It is ~24.80 inches (= 63cm) wide WITH it´s case... How small it will become, if I decase it??????? I am sure it would be much nicer!!!!! --> http://tinyurl.com/qggbxja I am a little bit confused, that I can´t find an existing 48" pinball cab.... Do I miss something??? Will it work fine? What do you think??? Thanks for advice, regards, Andy
  9. Great idea!!! A few weeks ago I made up my mind, if I should do the same artwork... But maybe I will go for another artwork... not sure now Regards, Launch_14
  10. Thank you very much!!! This are all the informations that I want to find on this weekend! Now it has only taken a few minutes!!! Thank´s a million!!!
  11. Thank you very much for sharing the infos!!! A fine source to many pinball machine parts... Great!!!
  12. For whom it may concern: 1) The (plastic-frame-work) bezel IS different! Roughly you can say: More expensive displays have a thinner plasic-frame (I am only talking of the samsung UE46F6xxx). The first numbers are "cheaper", e.g. UE46F6170 (=more plasic frame bezel) and the higher numbers are more expensive, e.g. samsung UE46F6500 (=less platic bezel)... But I think that ALL the samsung UE46F6xxx have the same dimensions, when unmounted!!! 2) Now I have got a real Gottlieb Mars of War pinball. This is an EXTREME widebody pinball... The wooden frame is 65,2 cm wide. The downlock bar is 65,8 cm wide (outdside!). On the innerside of the downlock bar you have some tolerance of.... let´s say 2mm each side. (In germany you would say: "2mm Luft"). Regards, Andi
  13. Hello pinball fans! I like to join your fantastic club of "happy pinball cab owners" Before starting the woodwork I am looking for the last piece of information... I learned that a "samsung UE46F6000" will be a good choice for the 46" playfield 1) Do you know if the bezel is different between UE46F6470 and UE46F6170???? At "amazon[dot]de" it looks different than at "samsung[dot]de". Is this true? Or is it only the plastic-case ??? Or is the "inner" display the same measurement at all samsung 6xxx ????? --> Maybe one type fits better into the cab without decasing... (and there is no hardware dealer around...) 2) And the dimensions of a widebody lockdown bar is 24,750.0 inches (=62,865cm) , isn´t it? Is there a little bit of tolerance in building my wood cab? E.g. can I build it 0,2inch more or less???? The problem I am facing: Maybe I can put the monitor in the cab without decasing it... but the lockdown bar has to fit in the end (and the lockdown bar still needs to be bought from US :-)) So it is like "Egg or henn"... Thank your for helping, regards from Europe, Andi P.S. Better than christmas: Looks, like kickstarter and pro-pinball had done it... okay it´s no "visual pinball", but I would love it on my cab, too :-)))
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