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2014 Upgrade


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At the start of Jan me and my girl friend moved into a smaller flat so I put the arcade into storage. Well I have convinced her that we have space for it but before I bring it home I am doing a few small upgrades. Just thought I would share as I go along as this place has been quite lately.

Before I started.





I started off by wrapping the CP in carbon fiber wrap.



New illuminated buttons and new joysticks. I had major issues with the joysticks and mounting them. The old joysticks used a M6 Coach Boltand the new ones wanted an M4. So I ordered M4 Black coach bolts but of course they fell through the CP as the hole was meant for an M6. So i had to drill out the plates on the new joysticks and use the old bolts.... for now I have an idea for them later on.




Can you notice the Yellow button.... Whoops an ordering error. :@

Next up was to get the screen 100% straight. With that being a little off and the old vinyl being VERY off it looked like the screen was installed by a man with one leg shorter than the other.


Still need to tidy the cables up and that horrid bit of MDF but its coming along.


Today I removed the old Tube lighting system I had. It used to run very hot and I get worried... No heat now. :D




I still have loads to do but its fun doing bits and bobs when I have the free time. Let me know what you guys think also if you have any ideas.

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Nice work so far. As for Ideas I would put some LED Lighting either side of the front panel under the control panel or at the back edge, maybe both. I would update the Bezel and the Marquee to more personalise the unit too.

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Well i got it home the past weekend and started work again. With the power of Tesco Value BBQ sauce I pulled the @8"ck~r up 2 flights of stairs.


You may recall this heap of a mess stuck the inside of the cab. Today I knocked up a quick removable shelf so I can easily take the PC out if it ever needs work on it.




Also a quick video of my Progress so far


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