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  2. I can confirm that the 213T auto powers so there is no reason for the 214 to not be the same
  3. See the following over at BYOAC. http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php/topic,136038.msg1406666.html#msg1406666 (On 2nd page about 2/3 way down page he shares the ai files) http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php/topic,137787.msg1422465.html#msg1422465
  4. Indeed you would be correct, But that was only because the monitor was rotated 90 degrees. to give you a 3:4 screen. I personally use a 21" 1600x1200 LCD with scanline generator and the fact that my monitor does not rotate so scanlines are incorrect on vertical games is quite annoying. Maybe my next machine will have a rotating monitor. Random Ramble end.
  5. If the 2nd display is on the same card as the primary and the drivers have a duplicate screen option then this should work with no issues at all. Well with the exception of resolution issues maybe. There are also ways of telling mame which display to use but I am unsure if you can use this on a game by game basis or if you would want a second install of mame with just the gun games available. I think screen duplication is the way to go though. see the following. http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php/topic,118958.0.html http://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/7958-running-mame-on-secondary-monitor/ As for other emulators now that I am not sure about.
  6. I vote find the largest 4:3 you can get in there, 19" is easy to find, 20 and 21's are becoming like rocking horse muck. If you are southern england PM me as I have a syncmaster 213T with no stand that I am willing to let go at a very reasonable price. If you did use a widescreen you will probably want to go up to around 26" which would have a similar width to a 21" and then rock some custom bezels as you would only utilise about 3/4 of the available screen estate.
  7. Nice work so far. As for Ideas I would put some LED Lighting either side of the front panel under the control panel or at the back edge, maybe both. I would update the Bezel and the Marquee to more personalise the unit too.
  8. Cool I would just go down the vesa mounting route.
  9. Dimensions 449 x 622 x 130 mm (H x W x D) ??????????? How are you going to get the 16mm in height :vollkommenauf:
  10. See page 2 of this thread for the code to have random video at startup.
  11. You could have got it from the 99p shop and saved a penny. Never thought of using superglue for this. I know what I will be doing this afternoon
  12. i54670k and a separate gpu would be the way I would go. Tippers does a 2 player bartop kit. Also there are a number of builders that supply kits over on BYOAC. Most are stateside and should ship to canada.
  13. Doh the link I posted was already in the video
  14. Yay, It was superhero Mashup for the win. Don't let your kid see these http://www.fathead.com/heroes/ Life sized Marvel Stickers.
  15. I will assume that you have also swapped out the cable then. In which case it's going to be back to manufacturer for you me thinks.
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