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How do psxfin emulators and epsx work with daemon tools.


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hi guys

I'm not American then if any error excuses English.

to almost one month I am trying to configure the emulators that need daemon tools can do so however not work.

I opened my ahk file psxfin for example and try to configure it but I can not.

It would be possible to show an example of how fields had been filled with the scsi driver, I think maybe my problem is this. When I try to run the emulator by hyperlaunch hq a small window appears with the following messages:

"get_letter" switch syntax error.

"mount switch syntax error.

already tried to change them for the commands I saw in the daemon tools site but not resolved.

Thank you very much.:vollkommenauf:

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Which version of Hyperlaunch and Hyperspin are you running?

If you want a simple solution, don't use psxfin use PCSXR and PCSX2 as these don't use Daemon Tools. PCSX2 will load ISO files without the need for DT Lite.

If you still want to use psxfin, please post your Hyperlaunch Log.

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First I want agradescer for attention, I inform you that solved the problem, yesterday I found a forum on the DISCUSSION al daemon tools it DJVJ esplicava the daemon should this in English, I tried to do it yesterday but not resolved. whereas in Attempt to resolve I always desistalo programs to start from scratch and when u asked me what I had to click log. daemon tools again so I downloaded the English version and all worked perfectly.

Thank you very much, helped me, I will stay tuned to help others who have the same problem in my country.. :beer: :beer:

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