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  1. Have you looked into some tutorial videos? https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=tankstick+hyperspin+setup
  2. Hello Hyperspinners We have a new moderator joining us, so could you all welcome Andyman to the team. Like myself he joined in 2009 and assured me he knows his way around the site. So a big congratulations to Andyman.
  3. gigapig

    Daemon Tools Lite

    You're welcome. 😁
  4. Yes amazing work, but please tell me you have a back up, I'm all tense thinking about it. 😬😁
  5. My concern would be the outer players just being in the way of players one and two. But if there's enough space then it would be the best way to go. Either way a nice problem to solve, I'd love to build another. Good luck with it and keep us posted.
  6. I'm sure it would be fine as it is and I don't think there are that many 4 player games, but for comfort I feel 3 & 4 should be at 45 degrees (clockwise 3, anticlockwise 4.) Kind of like Gauntlet.
  7. From http://rlauncher.com What are you logging into? Only certain modules have been updated which you will have to find in the forum posts.
  8. Yeah that has confused a number of people. Might need an edit.
  9. Copy the dll to the HS root. https://hyperspin-fe.com/files/file/21571-win-10-2004-hyperspin-fix-not-official-but-confirmed/
  10. just checked my PC and only received a Windows Defender up date.
  11. Your name says it all 🤣 If you mean with this Windows update? I would hope not as the devs were able to fix the last issue Windows brought. I have not had the update yet on my W10 machine and my arcade machine is W7, thankfully. I will ask the devs and see if they have run into any issues.
  12. You really need to tell us what you have done to be able to help. The logs for RocketLauncher and Hyperspin would also help. The log for HS is in the root folder and for RL you need to set logging level to troubleshooting and then post the log here via pastebin.
  13. Start here. https://youtu.be/87Hd5GowMx4
  14. The 1.5.1 build has supported Windows 10 for the last 2 years.
  15. Version 1.0.0


    93 tables up to the release of the Universal and Bally Monster pack 30/10/2019.
  16. If he wants to control Hyperspin with his Xbox controllers then he either needs to use JoyToKey or HyperSpin Startup Script 1.08. I don't know if @ninja2bceen has a video guide for those.
  17. Yes this does need archiving. You can't expect members to download 212 files individually. Great collection and I look forward to downloading it.
  18. I'm sure Ninjy will be along momentarily.
  19. Isn't that down to a bad theme/bad wheel art or mixture of flv & mp4 video?
  20. http://hyperspin-fe.com/forums/topic/35366-hyperspin-151-public-release/?do=findComment&comment=307135
  21. There is no renaming necessary you need to open the settings.ini found in the settings folder and add the full path to the Rocketlaucher exe.
  22. As Rowr said really, back up your 1.4 exe or rename it and then try 1.5.1. My guess is that you will notice no difference, so no harm done.
  23. I've become so pissed off with Windows 10 on my cab that I've just wiped it and gone back to W7. Not looking forward to setting up the Ultrastiks again but I'm already happier.
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