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How did you configure your controls to fit all systems? Ipac 2/Xbox 360 controller




I have an arcade cabinet where I use an ipac 2 for systems that had a joystick and Buttons and XBox 360 controllers for systems that had gamepads, so far so good. Now I realized that the keys I mapped to the ipac are not available for the use of a keyboard regarding the computer based emulators (Amiga/C64) anymore. So if the „H“ is mapped to Button 1 on the ipac, it’s not possible to write an H on my keyboard within the emulator anymore. For the Amiga (WinUAE) there is a solution because the emulator can have different keyboards, so I can have the „H“ Button on the ipac for Button 1 and still Type an „H“ on a different keyboard (for example) if I play a game where I need to type text. But since I have the same Problem at the C64 (WinVICE) I thought to ask you guys about your setups before I configure all buttons only to recognize that I made a mistake and have to start over. I really want to use my 2 Player, 6 Buttons controls for as many systems as possible except those who had shoulder Buttons etc.


Another Problem that seems to hit the same topic is that when entering Pause all controls work fine except for Amiga where my „select“ button doesn’t work. Is it possible that this Button collides with a function mapped to the emulator for the same key?


At the moment my cabinet works well enough to play a load of games and I try to get it all clean (all save states working, get rid of the games that doesn’t run, solve all controller issues etc.) So there’s no hurry and I will try out a couple of things, but if somebody already has a solution for the use of said controllers plus a keyboard, I’d really appreciate to hear it.


Thanks in advance!



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