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Hyperspin and rocketlauncher AHK keymapper


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Hello guys,

I'm working on a Tate build with Hyperspin for candy 15khz cab. 

I made it for used with jammAsd or ipac2 or something who use a keyboard encoder.

I was thinking to find solution for people who will used it with a 1player panel with 3buttons and start.


Usually the keybinding is 

Start p1 . 1

Button 1 . Lctrl

Button 2 . Lalt

Button 3. Space

Button 4 . Shift


My trouble is hyperhq don't recognize the alt key. My thought was to ask rocketlauncher to use an AHK script to change lalt::k

No problem, it works. If I start it manually, Hyperspin recognize my button2 (lalt) as a k.

I change few thing in rocketlauncher asking it to use AHK I made under RL Hyperspin.ahk. I select external in settings, etc. 

But its not working, I didn't see the script in my task bar ?

As I used a lot of ahk keymapper for pc Games in this build I don't want to start it with hyperhq at the start of Hyperspin, maybe it will be the mess. 


If you have any Idea, thanks guys ?

If you want to have a look to the build 


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