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Hypersync Questions


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I have a couple quick questions in regard to HyperSync which I hope I can seek answers to, being:

1. I have been downloading mame video sets from the Emumovie FTP server. I note that Emumovie FTP server still has the mame video set for 0.148 and not for the latest version for mame being 0.153.

(a) If using the hypersync tool, is hypersync database more up to date than the Emumovies FTP server? ie. Will hypersync be up to date with the mame 0.153 video set?

(B) I note that on the Emumovie FTP server, the current mame 0.148 video set has many files which need to be renamed to reflect the mame 0.153 file naming convention. If using hypersync, how does hypersync deal with such the situation. Does it:

(i) recognise that the video file needs to be renamed, and renames the file?, or

(ii) downloads the video file and keeps the old video file in the same directory?, or

(iii) downloads the video file and moves the old video file into some kind of back-up directory?

2. When downloading say the mame video set using hypersync, I understand that I need the mame xml file to be able to download the videos. Is the xml file the only prerequisite required before I can download the videos, or does hypersync require other items such as the rom files to also be able to download the videos? I am hoping that that hypersync can download the videos by just using the xml file.

3. I have downloaded all of the mame 0.148 video set from the Emumovie FTP server. If I use hypersync and point hypersync to the directory which has my current videos which I have downloaded from the Emumovies FTP server, will hypersync update the directory or download all of the videos from scratch?

4. Does the hyperspin FTP server have the same mame wheel art as the hypersync database, or is one more up to date then the other?


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1. most of the videos from .148 will be the same as for the latest version

1a. not sure you have to ask this at the emumovies forum, emumovies also has a sync utility. you don't need a Platinum account in Hyperspin in order to use it.


b. very few game name changes happen. I use this utility on my MAME files from time to time.


this utility will scan a given folder. if Game Name (Zip, mp4, png) is not found in the XML it will move it to an Unknown sub folder.

use it you will find that not many files have been renamed from .148 to .154

(i - iii) None of the above, any media created for hyperspin has to be renamed to match the XML, their is no guess work

if HyperSync does not find a file named the same as the XML entire it will not download any media.

use the utiltiy I posted, you will find many files that need to be renamed.

2. the only requirement for HyperSync is

you have a system installed in Hyperspin ( with the official naming convention; example: Super Nintendo not SNES)

the most current XML found here --> http://hyperlist.hyperspin-fe.com/

HyperSync only uses the XML for downloading files to your system. Some people ( mainly people with limited HD space, who keep a small number of roms ) are not happy with this

because HyperSync will downloaded all available files found in the Entire XML. those people want HyperSync to download media based on their roms, but its only based on the XML.

3 probably, but it will also create a list of what it has downloaded, the next time you Sync it will only downloaded the new files.

4. NO, the FTP has the Gold Members section witch contain minted (completed media packs)

if you wan't to downloaded media form WIP systems, you either have to find them in the user uploads, or posts in the forum.

if you are missing a wheel for mame, see if it exists here --> http://hyperbase.hyperspin-fe.com/artwork.asp

HyperSync downloads all its media from what it finds in HyperBase. if Its not in Hyperbase then "officially" it does not exist.

if its a wheel that has been created after the minted version set was uploaded to the FTP, then the only way to get it is

1. using HyperSync

2. if the person who created the wheel uploaded it to the forum --> http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?4984-Official-MAME-Wheel-Thread

3. if the person who created the wheel uploaded it to his folder.

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