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  1. if you have a 12 year old set up then you are worse off, you more then likely have Hyperlaunch1.0 in witch case you have to compile a new Hotkey based module when ever you add a new emulator. I doubt their is more then a handful of people using this system. If you open HyperHQ and change the launch option from Hyperlaunch to Normal. The majority of emulators will not work. MAME is the exception to the rule given that its a command line emulator. add something like this to a batch file and a mame game will load "mame.exe" "gamename" the majority of emulators need scripted commands to load and to do a proper exit. this is why you need modules usedby RL or HL. But if you are only using MAME , it looks like you solved your problem. and FYI, MAME and MESS have merged. if you want to run other systems supported by (MESS) the new MAME. Consider using that version of MAME.
  2. think of it this way Hyperspin is just a GUI , a pretty display that lists all your games Rocket Launcher : Launches your games, Closes your games. if this is a hand me down system (you got it from someone else) you might be running HyperLaunch2.0 or (Hyperlaunch3.0 ----> renamed to Rocket launcher when it started supporting multiple Front Ends) Without Rocketlauncher or an older version your Hyperspin set it will not launch any of your games.
  3. 1. MAME is a command line driven emulator. you can load it directly from HyperHQ and exit with one key press. FiF is a PC game that needs a module to correctly close the game. you can either use RL and load and exit the game with the PC Game settings. or good luck finding a Hyperlaunch2.0 module to accomplish this through HyperHQ.
  4. some details of what you have done would be nice your issues you can't launch it you can't get your controls working you can't exit from it what exactly is the problem.
  5. Pinup Popper will let you download media for each table you have. it will also let you auto record the backglass, Playfield and DMD videos. something you should do. Unlike MAME or any other video game you have in Hyperspin. Visual Pinball and Future Pinball tables are always being updated with better and better resources. at some point we where playing this table https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=1423 witch looks good but if you compare it to the more current version https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=14334 Long story short, you should always record your own videos (so that they match the table you have) and use the Pinup Media downloader for wheels and other media that does not change as you updated your table or dB2s .
  6. neither of those is a good option HyperSpin only has support for one monitor HyperPin has not been updated in years (this is a knock on Hyperespin). The difference is that it does not support Rocketlauncher and the current launcher does not support FX2/3 or any of the other Steam Pinball Games you will find. for you it only has support for 2 monitors so your DMD and Topper would be black. if you had a 2 monitor cab with no DMD or Topper and did not care for FX2/3 or any other Steam based pinball games , this might be an option. Your Better Options are PinballX PinballY and the most "fancy" Pinup Popper ----> if you choose PinballY or PinballX some tables will need you to install this in the background as they require Pinup Player. Pinup Player will also give you the ability to play PUp Packs (replace your active Backglass with a video based backglass) again you can choose PinballX or PinballY and have Pinup Player installed in the background.
  7. if you want help you need to post a description or screen shots of your set you a "my hyperspin does not work how do I fix it" does not give us any clue on whats wrong with your set up are you using a Joystick Encoder, Keyboard Encoder the solution to your problem will be different depending on what type of controller you have You might want to post screen shots of your HyperHQ controller settings Rocketlauncher Exit script keys.
  8. if you make a post about a specifict problem, you will more then likely get help what type of encoder did you buy. Keyboard Encoder, Joystick Encoder. if you have a Keyboard Encoder; you can map your buttons directly into HyperHQ Hyperspin does not have support for Joystick Encoders you need to use 3rd party programs to may a Joystick Encoder to work with Hyperspin. I suggest this
  9. their is no such thing as a complete HS, not one you can get from any official Hyperspin forum you can download the official Hyperspin it has a few systems installed. you can easily remove or disable what you don't want their is a semi configured HS system in the Platinum downloads with more systems installed. before you decided to get a Front End You need to make sure that you have your emulators --> configured to work with your PC and your controllers. all the roms needed or you want for that emulator --> no roms are included in any Official Hyerspin download and their are no rom begging threads supported on this forum so no links to roms are allowed. this is something you need to have before you decide if Hyperspin is for you.
  10. 32assassin


    the start up script was built for a 360 controller but it works with any USB controller you should not have controller enabled in HyperHQ is Randomizer a game? the startup script is to control the Hyperspin Menu and nothing else!!!! Map your controller directly to every emulator and PC game you have in your system I don't know what you mean by bartop arcade buttons. you can map a single joy button or a combination of joy buttons to exit the emulators in RocketLauncher if you are using a Xbox One controller I suggest you map Start+Back = exit emulator
  11. 32assassin


    no use the startup script instead, it will only control your Hyperspiin menu you can map your joystick directly to the emulator you launch, the startup script will not be active
  12. post a picture of your problem and you might want to download this You can click a system and do a rom and media check it will give you a full list of what you have (green) and don't have (red) more importantly you can click on the CleanUp tab select a system and it will give you all the orphan files for a system some times you think your media names match but know that Hyperspin media names are case sensitive.
  13. a platinum membership gives you access to the FTP HyperSync neither of those options will let you download any roms or videos!!!!!! roms work with your emulator not HS The hard part of setting HS is getting your emulators to work Hyperspin uses predefined lists of games called XMLs this lists contain specific rom names. If you want to use HS you will first need to rename your roms so that it matches with the official Hypeerspin XMLs. https://hyperspin-fe.com/forums/forum/17-hyperbase-databases/ You can use custom names but you will need to create your won XMLs and rename all the media to match those games.
  14. I found it but its a photo realistic might be too much work to redraw https://www.vgdb.com.br/playstation-2/jogos/hannspree-ten-kate-honda-sbk/ might be better of getting it on ebay its dirt cheap.
  15. Version 1.0.2


    Note that You can thank the 100MB file limit for all the multiple downloads a few years ago I upload a collection of PS2 3D boxes to the FTP, I never made an official release given the fact that I was missing 300 plus scans. To my knowledge, this is a set of 3D boxes built from US retail scans. Most came from the Cover Galaxy (RIP ). They did not allow any custom covers and had a requirement of 300+ DPI quality. the rest came from this site http://www.evilbadman.com/Crazy_Taxi.jpg I say to my knowledge because their are some talented people out their that can make great quality artwork. Good enough to fool anyone into thinking they are retail scans. I replaced about 6 French Canadian boxes with the US versions. Only reason I noticed this was because NHL 2k6 US and the Canadian version don't share the same front cover. I would not be surprised if their is a custom or French Canadian box in my collection. I included a Xbox VS PS2 image so that you can tell when a custom box has been made. the NTSC logo in the upper right and in the lower spine are not the same for either of the boxes. self explanatory but you will find 6 folders in the zip Alternative Versions = Games that have more then one cover available, you can pick and choose to use this over what is found in the other folders Built from 200 DPI scans or less = 3D boxes that where built from scans of height of 2000 pixels or less built from 300 DPI scans or better = 3D boxes that where built from scans of height of 3000 to 6000 pixels Not in the official XML = 3D boxes that where built but don't appear on the official Hyperspin XML Rebuilt from other Consoles = thanks to Diskmatch for this efforts of helping me find the missing files. FIFA 13 was rebuilt from other consoles. it looks like a 99.9% match to the PS2 US retail scan. but its still a rebuild not an original PS2 scan. Missing = contains the 1 missing box to make this a FULL!!!! set Misc.zip has been updated to include missing box, its a rebuilt not a full scan. Note that their will be NO!!! PAL or JAP. I don't have a single scan and I don't plan to look for any. IF you or anyone else wants a set. Feel free to start collecting scans once you have a large collection I might consider doing them. final note if you are going to start to look for scans, make sure you start collecting Disc scans. a project to have Hyperspin quality disc artwork is in the works follow the progress here
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