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  1. 32assassin

    Raspberry Pie 3/Hyperspin/RocketLauncher

    if you want to nit pick my posts, I can do the same to yours where exactly did the op say that he wanted to learn about hyperspin and rocketlauncher I don't see a mention of Rocketlauncher in the initial post so why are you bringing rocketlauncher into this post. the OP never mentioned that he wanted to learn anything he asked if you can install Hypersin on a PI (a question with a simple yes or no answer) whether its a pre configured drive with Hyperspin he bought or he wants to install a fresh copy of Hyperspin we don't know that because the OP did not mention that!!! what exactly does the OP have to do with you and what you have done you are making the assumption that everyone lives by your standards and is going to build their own image. connect the dots if you can, what's easy and in my opinion the lazy choice downloading a pre made image vs learning how to do everything yourself just because you made your own image, this does not mean that everyone is going to choose the option that requires an extra effort in their part..
  2. 32assassin

    Raspberry Pie 3/Hyperspin/RocketLauncher

    its being very lazy when you can download an pre built pi image load it to your sd card and stick your sd card in your PI set your controls and you are done. it might be an american expression forget bout modern arcades, as in don't bother trying to run modern arcade games because you can't even run some of the older arcade games.
  3. 32assassin

    Raspberry Pie 3/Hyperspin/RocketLauncher

    when I say lazy I mean sticking a PI in a cabinet is like sticking a VW bug engine on a high performance sports car. are you honestly telling me that you would build a high end custom arcade just to put such a low powered device in it. and I like paying console games on my cocktail cab with a PC and Hyperspin as much as I like playing arcade games with a console controller while I"m sitting on a couch. each system has its pros and cons.
  4. 32assassin

    Raspberry Pie 3/Hyperspin/RocketLauncher

    I have an PI and its nice to have the retro consoles on my main TV, but sticking in an arcade cabinet is just lazy. forget modern arcades, its recommended that you run MAME 2003 on a PI 2 and an older version on a Pi Zero (I'm not sure what is recommended on the latest Pis) you can't even play Killer Instinct (mame version) on MAME 2003, you have to play the SNES to MAME hack. I ended up using Final Burn Alpha over MAME and used MAME 2009 for all the MAME games not found on FBA.
  5. 32assassin

    Extreme Newby Here

    all the videos come from emumovies, and they pretty much have everything, aside from the newest or very obscure systems. https://emumovies.com/ you need to download them on a per system basis, and Hyperspin is just a Front end, think of it as a theme to hide your windows environment before you start with hyperspin 1. all your emulators need to be working out side of Hyperspin by working, I mean that you need to manually load multiple games into each individual emulator and make sure they all work, and that all the controls work. 2. You need to rename ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I mean ALL!!!!!!!!! your roms to match the Hyperspin naming scheme Game name (region) (DO NOT!!! rename your MAME roms)., or Rocketlauncher will not find it when you try to load it. You can use custom names but you will have to make your own game lists and rename all your media to match your custom names 3 all the names can be found from Hyperspin game lists better known as Hyperspin XMLs you can get them here http://hyperlist.hyperspin-fe.com/ you do not!!!! rename each individual rom, their are multiple programs that will do that for you. Last What have you done? where are you getting stuck? what errors are you getting when you try to load a game from Hyperspin or Rocketlauncher? you can get very far using the official install tutorial here
  6. is your Default Plugin also changing? because its set to Rocketlaunncher in your image and if you are running Hyperspin from a slave drive make sure that the drive letter is not changing. those settings are saved in this file RocketLauncher\Settings\RocketLauncher.ini Default_Plugin=HyperSpin Default_Front_End_Path=..\HyperSpin.exe make sure its not set to read only,
  7. 32assassin

    HELP with button mapping using JoytoKey

    missed this HyperSpin_Folder_Path=E:\Arcade\hyperspin.exe it should be HyperSpin_Folder_Path=E:\Arcade
  8. 32assassin

    HELP with button mapping using JoytoKey

    the only thing I can think of is to make sure that the start up script exe is actually running when you launch Hyperspin launch Hyperspin in window mode go to your task bar and see if you find the start up script exe running or do an ctrl+alt+delete to bring up your process Task manager. Hyperspin Start Up Script.exe should be running when Hyperspin.exe is running and it should close when you exit hyperspin. and double check to make sure that joystick use in HyperHQ is disabled
  9. 32assassin

    HELP with button mapping using JoytoKey

    forgot to mention this but your INI does not have a button mapped to start Joystick_Start= you need to change all this to match the buttons on your controller this is are the ones I changed Joystick_Genre=Joy3 Joystick_Favorites=Joy4 Joystick_Start=Joy8|Joy1 Joystick_Exit=Joy7 Joystick_Roulette=Joy2 they will more then likely not match your controller, you need to identify your button numbers and then add them to your INI file if you want your start button to be 5 then your start up button should be Joystick_Start=Joy5 I have it set up to use two different buttons 1 or 8
  10. 32assassin

    HELP with button mapping using JoytoKey

    the path to your joytokey is not correct thats why you have a red circle next to it not that it matters given that your system is set up to use Xpadder if you are going to use the start of script you need to disable Xpadder Rocektlauncher will set IDs to each controller if you currently have a Preferred controller, if you are not using an Xbox controller this might be an issue if you are using anything else change this to your controllers this is for loading specific profiles for specific controllers, if you disable the key mapper it will not be a problem unless you have your own INI with multiple batch start up programs this should point to the exe not the INI (see my picture above) your start up script is not currently enabled you also have Xpadder profiles being closed along with another Mapper Antimicro.exe. all this programs need to go away if they have Hyperspin controller profiles or they will interfere with the Start Up Script
  11. 32assassin

    HELP with button mapping using JoytoKey

    you might need to post pictures, because I have no idea what xpadder code you are talking about, given that I told you that you can remove Xpadder and Joytokey from your system. The Start Up Script.exe is ONLY!!!! used to navigate Hyprspin, scroll up and down a wheel, select a system , launch a system. you not being able to load a game can be an independent problem from your joystick set up. if your joystick was not working you would not be able to navigate Hyperspin and you would not be able to select a system. given that you can do those things I would think that you don't have your system set up correctly and thats why you can't' load a game. I would suggest you temporary hook up a keyboard to your system and use he keyboard to see if you can load a game. If you can then its a problem with your joystick if you can't then you know you need to fix your Hyperspin set up.
  12. 32assassin

    HELP with button mapping using JoytoKey

    after you get rid of joytokey open your emulators manually map your joysticks to each!!! emulator you have. load a rom you should be able to play your games without any joystick problems the start up script is only meant to map your joystick buttons to your hyperspin menu control inputs. your last step will be to define an emulator exit key in Rocketlauncher but we will cross that bridge when we get their.
  13. 32assassin

    HELP with button mapping using JoytoKey

    you should try to keep a clean install and not drag and drop programs in your Hypersion folder below is a picture of all the 3rd party utilities I have used over the years in support of Hyperspin it will be allot easier to delete them in this folder as to merging therm with your hyperspin folder create a new folder name it whatever such as utilities and drag and drop the start ups script in their E:\Arcade\Utilities\startup script\HyperSpin Startup Script.exe double click on the startup script.exe to generate your INI file. the only thng you need to do in HyperHQ is to set up so that the start up script auto loads when you start hyperspin
  14. 32assassin

    HELP with button mapping using JoytoKey

    the best way to get your joysticks to work is to map them directly to your emulator. unless you are using a joystick and an emulator from the 1990s, any modern emulator will work when you map a joystick directly to them get rid of joytokey and xpadder map your joysticks directly to your emulators and use this to map your joystick directly to control your Hyperspin menu it was made for a 360 controller but you can use any generic controller just change the button# to match your controller
  15. 32assassin

    Split VS Non Merged Set - MAME

    the official MAME Hyperspin XMLs use split sets. You can use merge sets but you will have to take additional steps in order to set up a proper install in rocketlauncher. think about it, a merge set does not have any clone roms. if you wan't to play Pacman. the US version NOT!!! puckman how will you do it if you don't have the individual pacman rom.