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Need ideas for artwork for pedestal cabinet


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Hey guys, I am currently in the process of building my pedestal cabinet which is similar to http://funcoamusements.com/Arcade-Cabinets/FunGlo-V3 but I am making the sides solid one piece. I have decided to go with chrome T-moulding, the problem that I have ran into is the art for the cabinet. I have no clue what art would go good with this. I'm basically looking for some type of generic artwork that would go good for the two sides of the cabinet and I am probably gonna run a hyperspin logo down the middle sides. If you have any input on what I should do I would much appreciate it. I plan on sticking to a black paint job to go with the chrome T-moulding.

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The artwork is pretty cool with the control panel layout, but since there are four players, I'd go with something that shows four characters across the panel. I like the fact that the character itself isn't exactly specific. For example, if you had a Street Fighter character for each player on the control panel, I'd avoid the Blanka one just simply for the fact that I dislike the character. Keeping it nondescript with the artwork is the way to go in my mind. Or at least, choose one character and change the color of his/her look for each player.

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Also, here's a fun fact - There are 80+ characters in the Street Fighter series (including games + movies). The list of all characters will be shown below in order of appearance:

01) Adon
02) Birdie
03) Eagle
04) Geki
05) Gen
06) Joe
07) Ken
08) Lee
09) Mike
10) Retsu
11) Ryu
12) Sagat
13) Akuma
14) Balrog
15) Blanka
16) Cammy
17) Chun-Li
18) Dee Jay
19) Dhalsim
20) E. Honda
21) Fei Long
22) Guile
23) M. Bison
24) T. Hawk
25) Vega
26) Zangief
27) Charlie
28) Cody
29) Dan
30) Guy
31) Ingrid
32) Juni and Juli
33) Karin
34) Maki
35) R. Mika
36) Rolento
37) Rose
38) Sakura
39) Sodom
40) Alex
41) Dudley
42) Elena
43) Gill
44) Hugo
45) Ibuki
46) Makoto
47) Necro
48) Oro
49) Remy
50) Sean
51) Twelve
52) Urien
53) Q
54) Yun and Yang
55) Ace
56) Allen
57) Area
58) Blair
59) C. Jack
60) Cycloid-β and Cycloid-γ
61) D. Dark
62) Darun
63) Garuda
64) Hayate
65) Hokuto
66) Kairi
67) Nanase
68) Pullum
69) Shadowgeist
70) Sharon
71) Skullomania
72) V. Rosso
73) Blade
74) Sawada
75) Abel
76) C. Viper
77) El Fuerte
78) Gouken
79) Hakan
80) Juri
81) Rufus
82) Seth

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