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  1. I am getting ready to build another one of these with a friend for his house. Anyone else built a pedestal? What's the one option you added that you can't live without?
  2. I imagine it is held on with the buttons and maybe track ball bezel.
  3. They also can't be posted to your FTP folder and advertised until they are approved.
  4. I thank you for thanking people who thank people.
  5. I am not excited about this for Hyperspin. I use the crap out of raspberry pis now, and with windows architecture being available it will open it up to even more users. Kids are growing up today having things like this available cheap. And schools are offering classes on coding, electronics, etc on a much broader scale then before. That is to me, amazing. Hell. I had typewriter lab in high school!
  6. Give it a try now. Great way to learn Python, tons of uses for them, and just a ton of fun. I am always trying out different projects with mine. Good way to have fun and actually learn something along the way.
  7. I just posted this earlier today. It will run Windows 10. Very cool.
  8. My neck board went out 2 times. Well, was bad out the box, they sent me another one and when it went it blew it took out the IC chip, some caps, etc with it. They said it was a known problem and replaced the whole thing. Lasted a few weeks and blew. I repaired it and took it out and it is just sitting. Was a waste of $. I since then started working for Namco and we repair these constantly. Just crappy monitors.
  9. I have a Makvison 27/29 It is my 2nd one. They replaced the first one due to so many issues and this one has already taken a crap on me. Just not been happy with it at all and would never purchase again.
  10. They had it posted several times before on the page. I just asked if roms were included in one of the posts and he said yes, all games are included. I would say that goes against the terms here,
  11. He/she sells them with emulators and roms included, and advertises them as such. https://www.facebook.com/ArcadesRFun
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