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Cabinet Resurrection


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So I picked up this cabinet from a friend.

In its previous life it was a system that allowed pay-for-play of XBox 360 like one of these...


It already came with a miniITX motherboard in it and monitor so I upgraded the CPU to just about the fastest compatible (athlon x64 dual core @ 2.6ghz) and upped the ram to 1.5gb

As soon as I saw HyperMarquee I thought it would be cool to put a monitor in the header of the machine so after some measuring it turned out that a 22" 16:10 uncased LCD monitor was a PERFECT fit.

Just had to cut out the extra bezel that went over the original LED matrix display.



Also, it turned out that the control panel was a bit high so I removed the front plate with the controller mounts and headphone jacks to drop the CP down about 4 inches.

Of course that meant reshaping the sides to give player 1 enough room to use the joystick.




I plan on putting the control buttons for the front end, coin and p1&2 buttons on the area above the control panel since there's now a nice ledge for them.

The control panel is a prototype which explains the large holes.. Originally this was a XBox clone CP my friend made which had 2 analog joysticks per player.

I plan to adjust the layout slightly and possibly add a trackball in the center. (I would love to be able to control HS wheel via trackball just for the novelty)

I also decided to add buttons on the sides of the cabinet so I can play Virtual/Future Pinball which I am looking forward to! I was considering adding a pinball plunger wired up to the front for pinball games.

I don't want it to look too cheesy but I think it would be cool.

Lastly for now, I got the monitor mounted and the header reinstalled. It's all fired up and awaiting my HS setup which I'm doing on a spare board/hard drive combo I should be able to just plug right into the cabinet.

Unfortunately since I'm low on RAM I'm only running WinXP64 so I can't use HyperMarquee just yet.

Once I upgrade the CPU, etc I'll be able to get HyperMarquee going on the header monitor. For now I'll just mirror the main display.



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Yeah. that's what it is. Monitor displays that logo on startup.

I could see getting 1400 or so if it was new and fully set up with emulators to run everything or plug in your console.

This one I got is pretty much brand new, never used. Has a really nice build quality.. 32" screen and sound system is great with a sub in there. Has RGB LEDs on the sides which I disconnected for now.

With time and materials you'd be hard pressed to build one for that price I think.

A used one though.. I dunno about 1400.

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ok i see what you're saying now.. no this wasn't a quasicade but made by the same company.

the control panel is similar though right now but i'm designing a new one.

i had this cp hooked up to ps3 minecraft and it's tough to play because the analog sticks seem to have too much throw to them in all directions.

this cabinet was a different one they made that was built to house a consumer grade xbox 360 but allow people to put them in locations and charge for play.

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