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  1. if that I/O board is registering the buttons as a Joypad or Gamepad then you'll need to use a program like Xpadder or JoytoKey to navigate the HS menus. But if thats all registering as keyboard strokes, all you need to do is change the menu keys in HyperHQ
  2. I think what your trying to ask is if you can shell HS. If you're looking for your computer to just boot right into HS thats called shelling. There are tutorials on how to do that on this site. alternatively you just put HS in your startup folder in windows, thats how ive done it on my set up. I just see about 5 seconds on my desktop then all HS from there
  3. once upon a time there was a HS tor you could just download and and click play. That was many versions ago and that was with the express permission of BBB, im not sure how easy it would be to do now but the simple fact remains, there will be problems and you will need to know how the file system works in order to fix them.
  4. yeah id like to check that out for sure. also where the hell do i get the silent hill rom
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