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  1. Great build man, glad you found a good home for the other one
  2. gonna make that a public file Sub Z? I want one too
  3. Dude this thing has potential for sure! You should totally buy a kegarator and run lines to a tap somewhere on the machine. I mean it is a BARcade right?
  4. damn dude, great design! Any chances on you posting the plans for the build? Ive been looking at doing something very similar for a while
  5. Really? Nothing at all? I figured there had to be at least a hundred or so games that weren't in the classics xmls
  6. I dont own one yet, but I think a cocktail download section is a great idea.
  7. got it, i needed to go back a tweak HQ a bit more. thanks guys
  8. Yeah I just tried that, still nothing. I click on a game and nothing happens
  9. I finally decided to do all fo the classics wheels and everything is showing up correctly, however the games arent launching in HS. Im assuming this is an ahk issue, but im not sure what to do in RocketLauncher. Also is there a way to pull themes from the MAME themes folder or am I stuck with just the default.
  10. If youre going to build a Jap style cab, please dont put a big ole nasty coin mech on it. Just get the simulated CP 100 yen coin mech.
  11. looks awesome dude, too bad that metal slug picture makes eri look like a shemale lol
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